The Power of the Brand

07:02 19.02.2018

The person makes the name and the name makes the person. Work for your name and later on it will work for you. Who has not heard of that? It is an art to turn your name into a brand, and such a skill is a real value in the strict and the figurative sense


The river of talent

06:58 12.02.2018

In the labyrinth of the “matrix” there is also a way for development of individual talents

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Houben Tcherkelov: My art is not a provocation but an invitation for dialogue

07:15 01.02.2018

The artist who has been working in New York for years is coming to Sofia in February for his first solo painting exhibition in Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art

Етикети: Houben Tcherkelov | art | painting

Хубен Черкелов: Изкуството ми не е провокация, а повод за диалог

07:13 01.02.2018

Художникът, който от години работи в Ню Йорк, идва през февруари в София за първата си самостоятелна изложба живопис от 18 години в Софийски Арсенал – Музей на съвременното изкуство

Етикети: София | изложба | Хубен Черкелов | живопис | провокация

Electrify Everything

07:16 23.01.2018

Can the production of electric cars survive without strong state protection

Етикети: Electrify Everything | electric vehicles

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