Financial Literacy Is as Important as the Alphabet

Staying on the top is not an end in itself, it’s a result

Vanya Manova:

Financial Literacy Is as Important as the Alphabet
Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Vanya Manova is the Manager of Mastercard for Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania and is responsible for the development and implementation of the local strategy of this business. She joined Mastercard in 2008 as a Customer Relationship Manager, where the development of her career in the company began. Today, she works towards the positioning of Mastercard as a strategic partner of business, government institutions and regulatory bodies. She promotes and facilitates the development of non-contact payments. She has been in the financial industry for more than 20 years.

Managing the change means... to understand the change and be part of it.

A business leader is a person who... while working in the present, also works for the future. 

Staying on the top... is not an end in itself, it’s a result.

My personal experience has shown me that success... has different dimensions and directions.

If I have to point out only one of my successes... I would say that it is not just one. Every success is a prerequisite for the next one.

The rule I rely on as a manager... Listen carefully, share what you have learned, rely on your team and your partners, keep actively looking for new opportunities.

We live in a time... in which no day is like the previous one.

The world of money... is the world we live in. Whatever we do, we end up relying on money. The good thing is that it can very dynamically change its form and payments can bring positive emotions and even privileges.

Financial literacy... is a vital necessity, I would compare its importance to that of the alphabet.

Some of the prejudices towards women, which we are already leaving behind... In Bulgaria, I believe we have already left behind all the prejudices. As a woman, a mother of 3 children and with a good career in the technology sector, I have never been a victim of such prejudices.

When I reach a dead end... I follow the signs on the road carefully and that’s why I have never reached a dead end.

Life metamorphoses show that... Every seemingly bad thing might turn out to be for the good.

The lesson learned the hardest way... You cannot get back time.

Technology and digitalization... make life easier for people, businesses, governments, while enhancing the security of everyone.

To everyone who is starting a career now, I will say... Learn all the time! From everything and everyone. Learn not only what is related to your specific position, but also a lot outside of it. 

If I catch the goldfish... I’ll let it go. One has to make their dreams come true on their own.

The surprising situation I found myself in... There are no surprising situations. We must be ready for everything and react adequately to every situation.

The maxim, which is part of my life philosophy... You have to be happy and satisfied with what you do.

My vision of the future... Digitalization in all its forms, but as a result - more opportunities and time for human experiences and shared moments.

For me, money is best spent on... positive emotions, and also for new knowledge and skills.

I recommend... not to stop developing, enriching yourselves and having fun.

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Mastercard is a global company, operating in the payment technology sector. It has the fastest payment network worldwide and processes transactions in more than 150 currencies.
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