Masters of Mind

Hristo Neychev reveals the positive role of meditation in the tense everyday life and the pursuit of high goals

Masters of Mind
Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Hristo Neychev is an entrepreneur, consultant and personal development coach. From the very beginning of his career, he started looking for holistic ways of development, but he was constantly offered personal and professional improvement by the piece. That is why he turned to the knowledge of the East. A friend took him to a master in China who was to teach him how to meditate the right way. He approached it pragmatically and decided to test the effect. Today, Hristo is 99th generation of knowledge carrier from the Shaolin Qi Gong school and a personal student of U Hong Sheng Sifu who is heading it at the moment. He meets with his Chinese teacher every three months. He started with 15 minutes of meditation every day and increased the duration to two times for one hour. He believes that a person’s happiness and success depend on the smart distribution of personal time and energy among four key directions: care for one’s health, family and home, spiritual growth, professional development. These internal foundations are like the four legs of a table – if one of them is shorter than the others, it cannot be stable. Zen Buddhism taught him that there is no one universal way and the right approach is: Try and see what is best for you.

Kindness in heart, sober mind, purity and truthfulness, these are qualities, which gave a reason to the Chinese teacher to accept the Bulgarian as his follower and to give him the right to transfer this knowledge to others. The topic of mediation in the tense everyday life meets us with Hristo Neychev.

Business leaders, such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos meditate, large companies, such as Google and Facebook have staff meditation rooms, Canadian policemen also use the methods of meditation. All this is done with the conviction that it increases the productivity and efficiency of people.

I had an alert brain, but I noticed that, like most modern people, it suffered from overexcitement. I was living by the rule: Drink coffee, do more stupid things faster. All Western methods make you

achieve more and more

by increasing your own speed of work until, at a certain moment, the machine stops working. What is typical for people who pursue high achievements is to get to a burnout or enter a dead-end street, which they don’t find interesting anymore. Then, they take a long vacation to rediscover themselves, and make sharp turns in search of a better perspective. Meditation helps to avoid such extreme conditions. It is a way of achieving inner peace. By reducing the speed, you start to see things clearer and solve the problems not with pondering, but with wisdom.

I was wondering if fitness or meditation would affect my better inner feeling. I found that one works well on my body and tone, the other on all aspects of my inner balance. This is how the appetite to spend more time in the meditative practice appeared.

We live in an incredible time

There are written testimonies of meditation as a practice dating back 5,000 years, but this secret knowledge was available only to the emperors and their inner circle. In the last century, there was a period of persecution of anyone who applied such practices. And in the last 50 years, this knowledge has been accessible to anyone who seeks inner balance and harmony. Until the 96th generation of knowledge transmitters in the Shaolin Monastery, you were supposed to become a monk in order to be dedicated to this mystery.

The practice is very simple and always constant. Everything happens inside of you, the mastery is on a spiritual level, and there is no competition. Meditation is nothing

more than a glass of water

For the truly thirsty, if can be life-saving. It depends on the stage a person has reached in their desires for personal growth.

Meditation requires a right posture. You enter a state where you turn off all your five senses by focusing all your attention inside on the geometric centre of your body, which is located 3 fingers below your belly button. There, you “park” your consciousness. The mind is our supercomputer, during meditation, we turn it off. We sent away each thought that appears. We breathe rhythmically through the nose. The mind starts listening to us. After meditation, we are in a perfect condition to do everything with ease. We become bigger than our problems and find a way to solve them. Unnoticeably, the whirlwind of our daily routine captures us, but at the end of the day, by meditation, we can get out of it again. Meditation allows us to restart our brain and clean it from the unnecessary information.

All answers are inside of us

and meditation helps us find them.

Be neither sceptical, nor optimistic about meditation. If you want to check if it works for you, find a master who will introduce you to this mystery. The results from meditation can be measured or felt. You can write 10 of the most important things for you in life and assess your satisfaction for each one of them from 1 to 10. After that, meditate for 90 consecutive days. Then, make another assessment according to the same indicators and compare it to the previous one. The other option is to just follow your inner sense of balance and satisfaction according to the four important aspects. This is how you will know whether meditation is the right instrument for you.

Hristo Neychev has been meditating for six years and for him this is the most important practice that helps him go through the rain without getting wet and overcome troubles without drowning in them. During these six years, he has reached a high level of competence as a Business Development Manager at Telerik. He withdrew and continued to develop his consulting business in the area of marketing and entrepreneurship. He has founded four startups and successfully sold one of them to a US company. He started a family and now has two children. All of these things could have been a fact without meditation, but this practice changed his satisfaction and his attitude towards what is going on.

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