People Make Companies Different

The business becomes strong when the commitment and the entrepreneurial spirit of each person from the team can be sensed

Mariela Belitova:

People Make Companies Different

Снимка: EconomyMagazine/Krassimir Svrakov

Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Mariela Belitova has been the Regional Director of Gopet Trans for Bulgaria and Greece since 2016. She is responsible for the overall performance of the brand and for the strategic development and expansion of the service portfolio on these markets. She started her career development at the company 15 years ago, taking different positions – freight forwarder, department manager, sales director. She leads a team of more than 100 people.

My understanding of a business leader... A person who inspires and motives by personal example.

On the way up… we have to trust our team fully and never lose contact with the base.

Being down… is not easy, but sometimes it is necessary.

I believe that leadership… is not based on hierarchy and can be demonstrated at any level.

Success is achieved… by a strong and motivated team that makes use of the business opportunities of the market.

The position that I take requires… vision and strategy for business development and enough empathy to engage the people from the team.

I strive… for the business we do to bring added value to our partners and clients.

My interpretation of “there is always a way”… There is always a way, indeed, but it is not always worth the price.

The strength of the company that I lead is in… the entrepreneurial spirit of the people and their commitment to what they do.

Gopet Trans to me is… the company in which I grew up professionally and personally and became what I am today.

The business drive in this global world… is people. They make the companies different.

My golden rule... First listen, and then speak.

The  little-known fact about transport and logistic opportunities... How big, innovative and dynamic this industry is and how much creativity and responsibility it takes to be noticed on the market.

The perfect manager at Gopet Trans is… a team player who has good sense and balance, and is equally people-oriented and results-oriented.

When recruiting people, it is important… to feel the desire for development, initiative, strive and ability to be a team player.

I very much wish to find time… to learn Italian. My favourite tourist destination is Italy.

Three of the things I have outlined for 2020: To open a branch of Gopet Trans in one of our neighbouring countries. To enter the market with a new service. To digitalise part of our services.

The maxim that I use the most... Let’s do what is right.

The Fisherman and the Goldfish statuette from the 2019 Mr. and Mrs. Economy Competition will remind me that… success is achieved with a strong team of remarkable people and about the desire and responsibility to continue with our success.

Company Profile

Gopet Trans is a leading provider of transport and logistics services in Bulgaria with a turnover of more than EUR 150 million. The company has been on the Bulgarian market for 25 years now, but it is also one of the main regional players with a strong local presence and activities in Greece, Romania, Poland and Spain. It offers a wide range of land, intermodal, offshore and logistics services to more than 3,000 local and international clients and corporations. The team in the five offices of the company consists of about 400 people.

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