The power of money lies in its ability to make goals come closer

Digital transformation turns banks into faster and more convenient services suppliers

Valentin Galabov:

The power of money lies in its ability to make goals come closer

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Valentin Galabov is the Chairman of TBI Bank’s Management Board. He is part of the TBIF Group since its establishment in 2002. His career development within the Group begins as an executive director of TBI Credit and TBI Leasing. He has almost 30 years of professional experience, most of which at leadership roles within well-established local and international companies and institutions. He served as the director of “Structural Reform” within the Ministry of Transportation, Chairman of the board of directors of the Navigation Maritime Bulgare as well as a vice-chairman of the Board of directors of ZAD “Bulstrad”.

Business leaders are… the people who see opportunities, create opportunities, and give others the chance to realize them.

What you can spot from above… should be closely examined from within.

These leaders, who choose to be the last to go to launch (Simon Sinek)… Leadership does not mean ranking or power, it’s a responsibility to guide others. I would add that these leaders might even skip lunch, but they feed on the satisfaction that these who follow them succeed.

The rule I always abide by… is to try as hard as possible to listen carefully and speak briefly.

Digital transformation turns banks into… faster and more convenient services suppliers, which reach out to people, instead of people reaching out to them.

The driving force behind innovation in Bulgaria... currently is the financial industry.

Fintech is a factor… which will change the status quo.

The artificial intelligence and blockchain will… create a new social order – culture, services, business, and jobs.

In the era of Big Data… information is not a crazy ambition, but a source of literacy.

Change is a movement in the desired direction.

Risk… should be taken carefully and managed adequately.

Security – that is… predictability.

The movement speed to the futuredefines the satisfaction from the journey in the presence.

In the grand scheme of the changing world trust… is not a given but a necessity.

Saving and spending… this is the balance between minimalism and maximalism.

The power of money lies… in its ability to make goals come closer.

If money could talk… it wouldn’t have complained from “too much work”.

I would never shy away from spending on… a fintech investment I find attractive.

I imagine tomorrow… as a brand new version of yesterday.

My life philosophy in one sentence… Empathy keeps the hygiene in the relationships safe.

Principles for good governance I learnt from windsurfing, tennis, and skiing… In order to succeed in what you do, first you need to want it, to feel the wind, chase the acceleration, master the turns... And have a pretty good idea of where the finishing line actually is.

Don’t forget to… start something over.

Company Profile

TBI Bank is a consumer and SME focused bank operating in Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, and Sweden. It is part of 4finance, a global leader in digital consumer finance. Through a trusted network of almost 7 000 sales points, TBI Bank has been serving more than 1.2 million registered customers. TBI Bank’s focus on customers propels it to become the next generation digital lender. The bank’s successful business model and customer-focus approach makes it one of Bulgaria’s most profitable and efficient banks in the last 4 years (Capital K10).