There Are Many Possibilities for Achieving a Goal

Control does not mean looking for mistakes in reports, but is a prerequisite for achieving the expected results

Liliya Georgieva-Stolyarchuk:

There Are Many Possibilities for Achieving a Goal

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Liliya Georgieva-Stolyarchuk is responsible for the financial control of the Euro Alliance Group, part of which are Euro Alliance Engineering, EA Tunnels, EA Construction, EA Geotechnics, Isolations B. She joined the Group in 2018 and has 15 years of experience in the financial sector. Liliya graduated in Accounting and Finances from Cook’s Institute of Electronic Engineering and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from New Bulgarian University.

- The purpose of financial control in a company is to prevent wrong decision making. In order to have efficiency in all processes, we must be sure that the right decisions are made at the right moment. This is only possible if we know the entire process from beginning to end. The responsibility is great because we are implementing infrastructural projects, such as the construction of the metro in Sofia, and it is important for the whole process to be controlled at each stage and by everyone involved in the project.

- In my work, it is important to have the assistance of all of my colleagues. Control is difficult if people don’t work as a team and don’t trust each other. I work with numbers, but I have to rely on the people who have processed the primary data. I believe that good attitude towards colleagues leads to good results and makes the work of everyone easier.

- The biggest challenge for me is to change the perception about the need for control. For me, control does not mean looking for mistakes in reports, but is the definite prerequisite for achieving expected results.

- It is good to make investments when, of course, we have a good business plan and a good risk assessment. Numbers show possible solutions, but not all of them. Sometimes, we must be a little more courageous and invest in new technologies.

- My experience in the financial sector has taught me that one plus one is not always two. Especially if there is no proper and timely planning. I always look for balance, not only in numbers but also in my relations with people. Finance is the foundation of everything, and the correct calculation is important to everyone. It has taught me that there are many possibilities for achieving a goal.

- The entrepreneur in me woke up in my childhood. My parents had a private business and I am grateful to them because they taught me to try new things and to not give up.

- My “green” idea that is deeply rooted in me: “A good life though he may have led, a man shall die and another shall be born” says Khan Omurtag’s inscription on the Tarnovo column. My idea to create a bio-urn for ashes, which is planted with a tree seed inside, is not only a new approach but it also affects the green ecosystem. We often hear that the air in big cities is heavily polluted, about landslides caused by cut down forests. According to statistics, about 100,000 people leave this world for one year in Bulgaria. If only 20% of them chose a bio-urn, 20,000 trees would have been planted. When we make our last decision, let’s think about the generations after us. With the care for the planted tree, we will also keep our love to our close ones.

- The patent is my personal reward for trying to turn a good idea into a real product. It took me two years to create the bio-urn, which disintegrates after planting. I did a lot of tests and experiments until I achieved the successful result. It is made with a 3D printer, but the process does not end there. There is also manual work in order to make it unique. In a beautiful way the end gives rise to a new life.

- The growth of this small business happens with a lot of work, stubbornness and personal resources. The funding of a startup in Bulgaria is difficult. What is more, this product cannot be advertised like any other, because it concerns something that is more like a taboo. I rely on spreading the news through the social networks.

- I believe that the best is yet to come. For Euro Alliance the year promises to be a strong one, the launch of large infrastructural projects of national importance is expected. On a personal level, I expect development. And as for my small business – more and more people realize that the bio-urns of Molian bring life after the inevitable end. I’m offering  an innovation for the Bulgarian market and I’m waiting for the moment when the market will be ready for it.

Company Profile

- Euro Alliance has specialized in tunnel construction. The company has a branch in Serbia and representative offices in Germany, Spain and Finland, where it implements significant infrastructural projects.

- Molian EOOD is a starup, which has started its activity after a patent was registered.

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