Anticipating "The Fisherman and the Goldfish"

In the autumn, the Mr. and Mrs. Economy awards will go to those who have withstood all trials and become stronger

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Chickens are counted in the autumn - says the folk wisdom. The same goes for the companies as a result of the pandemic. The one who are able to adjust always find a way. Those who do not have the courage to overcome the difficulties - will have a reason to shrink away. This year the whole world together with us goes through a transformation. And those who have become stronger during the trials will be awarded the Mr. and Mrs. Economy prize, accompanied by the "The Fisherman and the Golden Fish" statuette. We will present them again together with KRIB.

When the reward is given out easily, the hands are not yet strong enough to hold it; and strength appears only as a result of hard work and after many victories, says the English writer Eleanor Hibbert. That is why the statuette, with which we have been honouring the most successful ones in business for 30 years, is so heavy. And 2020 is emerging as one of the most difficult and crucial years in the history of the competition. And it is the evening of the awards, when the Mr. and Mrs. Economy contest turns 30, that might be the most enjoyable moment in it, as long as the pandemic turns out to be just a spring nightmare.

“The Fisherman and the Goldfish” is a story with a moral: When luck is on your side, don't be greedy, so that you don't lose everything. The awards and their history are also a story with a moral.

Dancho Danchev, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Management Board of Generali Insurance AD:

The awards help businesses set their clock

Dancho Danchev is the winner of the Mr. Economy 2011 award for an overall contribution to the development of trade and services. He is a man whose professional development is entirely dedicated to insurance. He has been in this business for 25 years, 22 of which in management positions. He got into insurance somehow by accident and has stayed in it.

He has gone through trials 

difficulties and challenges. In 2002 he worked for DZI, but the state decided to sell the company. Then he and another 80-100 people from DZI created the Victoria insurance company. "It was a golden year in which we had the opportunity to build a work model mechanism that helped the company become successful. This is the happiest time in my professional career ", Dancho Danchev remembers.

А factor in his rapid professional growth is the happy series of coincidences. But it is not just that. He believed that everything could be done in the best possible way, he did not have the restraints that come with experience and things worked out. The morale and the solid foundations he had also mattered: “Especially in the early years of my career, I have

resisted many temptations

While flying in the clouds, I was firmly on the ground. Until I gained experience, my intuition was a good advisor. I worked a lot.”

The role of the brand in insurance is huge, he says. That's why 5 years after the creation of Victoria insurance, he was convinced that they needed a partner who would jump-start their business. They joined hands with Generali, and in 2013 the headquarters decided to become the owner of all the companies with which it partnered. Thus, Victoria and Generali Bulgaria become one.

According to Danchev, insurance in Bulgaria is a complex business, dominated by car insurance, planted in people in the second half of the 1990s. And he is amazed how for over 20 years the attitude has not changed and the car remains more valuable than anything.

Digital transformation

is inevitable in this industry and especially now it is going to accelerate.

The CEO of Generali Insurance continues to follow the moral values ​​he believes in. They make man human, he says. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Mr. and Mrs. Economy awards, the winner of this prestigious prize states:

"Accept my most sincere congratulations on this anniversary! In the days we live in, it is important to have good focus and a clear view of the rapidly changing situation. I think that Economy magazine and the Mr. and Mrs. Economy awards are extremely useful and important for "setting the clock" of business in Bulgaria.”

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