Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Let’s Learn from the Precision of Aurubis Bulgaria

2019-11-11 07:07:00

At the Analytical Laboratories and the Development Centre, we meet professionals inspired by the ...

Is there light at the end of the tunnel

2019-11-04 07:04:00

Tunnel construction in Bulgaria is entirely dependent on the state and its vision on how to build ...

Fintech - The Time Machine

2019-10-28 07:08:00

In cooperation with innovative companies, traditional financial institutions can enter the future ...

The power of money lies in its ability to make goals come closer

2019-10-14 07:04:00

Digital transformation turns banks into faster and more convenient services suppliers

Crisis Communications

2019-10-02 07:09:00

How to prepare for such a situation and how to untie this “knot” more quickly

Smart Cities Need 5G Networks

2019-10-02 07:05:00

Truly successful companies have their own path, they have to develop the market and the society

Masters of Mind

2019-07-29 10:52:00

Hristo Neychev reveals the positive role of meditation in the tense everyday life and the pursuit ...

The Majestic Life of Metal

2019-07-29 10:41:00

Each piece of work has its own destiny, which the author cannot influence after it leaves their ...

We Live in a World More and More Connected by Technologies

2019-07-15 07:07:00

A main challenge will be cybersecurity and how companies will achieve uniform and sufficiently high ...

The Fast Train of Industry 4.0 Might Run Us over

2019-07-08 07:04:00

In Sofia Tech Park, we will create an incubator for companies that will apply CERN technologies

People are the force that drives the company forward

2019-07-01 10:35:00

In order to maintain a cohesive team, you need a common goal to unite everyone

Recipies for Sustainable Development

2019-06-17 07:06:00

Successful companies find their model for continuous renewal and stability in unforeseen ...

The Bank of the future will be accessible, fast and convenient

2019-06-17 07:04:00

If you want to be a leader in what you do, you need to be prepared for the change

Financial Literacy Is as Important as the Alphabet

2019-06-03 10:20:00

Staying on the top is not an end in itself, it’s a result

Business and the media mirror

2019-05-27 07:05:00

The Internet made everything accessible with just one click, but information needs to be handled ...

Our Most Valuable Asste are the People and the Hard-Earned Trust

2019-05-27 07:03:00

Businesses are nothing without the people

Everyone Makes Their Own Choice Whether to Be Happy or Not

2019-05-20 07:02:00

The technological revolution brought us into the virtual offshore of ideas

The Talking Hand

2019-04-29 11:40:00

The BrainHUB Lab team has taken upon the task to develop a system that transforms sign language ...

There Are Many Possibilities for Achieving a Goal

2019-04-29 11:29:00

Control does not mean looking for mistakes in reports, but is a prerequisite for achieving the ...

When you feel like you cannot go any further, don’t stop but speed up

2019-04-22 07:02:00

The trace I would like to leave behind: every person, project or place which I have touched upon to ...

Knowledge in the Age of Industry 4.0

2019-04-22 07:00:00

The Sofia Tech Park Laboratory is a meeting place for science and business

Without the Rule of Law, Democracy Mutates into an Oligarchic System

2019-04-15 07:03:00

The economy needs faster growth and shortening of the time for reaching 70% of the European ...

We must always be ready for a change

2019-04-08 07:02:00

Companies are successful when they find entirely new markets that meet the unsatisfied needs of ...

The Corporate Longevity Code

2019-04-01 07:05:00

Every company has its own "compass" to navigate in the market realities

Honesty is the foundation of partnership

2019-04-01 07:02:00

Every contract is an open or a closed door into the future

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