Masters of Mind

10:52 29.07.2019

Hristo Neychev reveals the positive role of meditation in the tense everyday life and the pursuit of high goals


Breakthrough in DNA Computers

07:05 22.07.2019

A new discovery is about to change the way we process information and the entire information technology sector

Етикети: technology | DNA Computers

We Live in a World More and More Connected by Technologies

07:07 15.07.2019

A main challenge will be cybersecurity and how companies will achieve uniform and sufficiently high criteria for protection

Етикети: Schneider Electric | technologies | smart city | Radoslav Koshkov

Will India Become the New China

07:07 08.07.2019

The two Asian giants may exchange their position as the driving force of the global economy

Етикети: economy | business | China | India | Development

A Competition in Which Mind and Discipline Win

10:29 01.07.2019

A bold vision, a winning strategy and a great deal of luck are factors that remain important for business growth in times of constant change

Етикети: business | Growth | Management

Where Do the Most Qualified Specialists Go

05:27 24.06.2019

In search of better opportunities, Bulgaria is also a place where an incredible career can be made

Етикети: HR | career | free movement | specialists

Recipies for Sustainable Development

07:06 17.06.2019

Successful companies find their model for continuous renewal and stability in unforeseen circumstances

Етикети: business | Alcomet | Assarel-Medet JSC | Sustainable Development | Longevity | Eng Delcho Nikolov | Fikret nce | Spiros Nomikos | Solvay Sodi

Time for a True Global Currency

07:05 10.06.2019

By José Antonio Ocampo

Етикети: Project Syndicate | Global Currency | Currency Money | Economie | Jos Antonio Ocampo

What’s Driving the Global Slowdown

10:28 03.06.2019

By Eswar Prasad

Етикети: economy | Project Syndicate | Trade | Businss | Slowdown | Eswar Prasad

Business and the media mirror

07:05 27.05.2019

The Internet made everything accessible with just one click, but information needs to be handled professionally

Етикети: business | Internet | Communications | Media | Liliya Stoyanov | Prof Dr Grigoriy Vazov | Prof Georgi Lozanov

On the Day When Machines Will Be Smarter than Us

07:05 20.05.2019

In Bulgaria, there is no targeted funding for R&D in the area of artificial intelligence and robots

Етикети: technology | RD | artificial intelligence | Robots