A Bulgarian company is one of the biggest investors in USA

07:08 06.04.2020

In a short amount of time “Huvepharma” has become a leading company across the sea in the Veterinary Medicine Market


Should We Wait for the Waiting Room or Go Ahead

07:08 30.03.2020

Politicians have let the genie of fear of our joining the Eurozone out of the bottle. Bulgarians are hesitant, but experts are not unanimous, either

Етикети: euro | Eorozone | ERM-II | Stoyan Panchev | Prof Grigoriy Vazov | Krasen Stanchev

People of the two parts of Bulgaria

07:08 23.03.2020

Are we going to find how to retain and attract Bulgarians to work and develop here, and not abroad

Етикети: Bulgaria | demographics

Do State-Owned Cryptocurrencies Have a Future

07:08 16.03.2020

More and more governments decide to create their own virtual currencies and this questions the very idea of a decentralised payment platform

Етикети: cryptocurrencies | State-Owned Cryptocurrencies

Obedient Workers

07:08 09.03.2020

Automation is entering with an increasingly greater speed. The dexterous robots are tireless and have high productivity

Етикети: Robots | Industry 40 | Kristiyan Mihaylov | Professional Association of Robotics and Automation

Where Are You, Talents?

12:40 28.02.2020

Western Europe also suffers from staff shortage in certain sectors. Developed countries, however, skilfully alternate the “carrot and the stick”

Етикети: HR | human resources | Talents

Are We Going to Crawl or Fly

07:09 19.02.2020

The successful realization of innovations also depends on who and how finances them

Етикети: Innovations | Elitsa Stoilova | Radoslav Markov

The Fulcrum of Technology

07:08 10.02.2020

Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences are looking for challenges and are ready for joint projects with businesses and municipalities

Етикети: technology | Science | Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

3D Printing Designs – a New Ecosystem Worth Billions

07:08 03.02.2020

With a 3D printer, we can easily create almost anything around us

Етикети: technology | 3D Printing | Desings

Hemp – Oblivion or Renaissance

07:08 27.01.2020

Hemp materials add unsurpassed quality to construction. Where is the stumbling block for their production

Етикети: Regulations | Hemp | Construction

Eight Acquisitions That Didn’t Happen but Could Have Changed History

07:08 20.01.2020

Yahoo missed out on buying Google for only USD 1 million, as well as Facebook at a later stage. Netflix refused to become part of Amazon, and Groupon – of Google

Етикети: facebook | Yahoo | Netflix | Snap | Acquisitions | Googl

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