07:06 09.07.2018

Digital technology will also enter agriculture to make it more efficient and easily manageable


Which Way does the Wind of Change in Banks Blow

07:05 02.07.2018

It is a fact that banks will become more and more technological and invisible. But is digitalisation overexposed

Етикети: FinTech | digitalisation | banks

The Aviation Industries of Romania and Bulgaria Are Increasing Their Take off Speed

07:05 18.06.2018

Wester companies transfer their production to our region

Етикети: Bulgaria | Lufthana Technik | Premium Aerotec | Aviation Industry | Romania | Latecoere Group

Facebook and the Future of Online Privacy

07:05 11.06.2018

The EU has taken the lead in responding to abuse by the likes of Facebook, thanks to its new privacy standards and proposed greater taxation of peddlers of online personal data. Yet more is needed and feasible

Етикети: facebook | GDPR | privacy | Mark Zuckerberg | Jeffrey D Sachs | personal data

A Tale of Two Realities

07:05 04.06.2018

By Javier Solana

Етикети: Progress | eu | USA | leadership | Havier Solana | Politics | Enlightenment

The New Face of Industry

07:03 23.05.2018

The Internet of Things is transforming industry by optimizing processes and boosting efficiency

Етикети: digitalisation | Internet of Things IoT | industry

Artificial Intelligence Is Already Among Us

07:04 14.05.2018

New technological realities require a new approach to education and qualification of people, Hristo Tomov from Dreamix assures

Етикети: technology | artificial intelligence | machine learning | Dreamix | Hristo Tomov

Professor Emilia Zankina: Bulgaria may become а strong educational center

02:54 08.05.2018

Businesses and universities need to be partners in the preparation of future employees

Етикети: education | Professor Emilia Zankina | AUBG | career | univercity

Digital strategy is a key successful factor

07:03 30.04.2018

A business that isn’t digitized will be overcome by the competition

Етикети: technology | digitization | Rumyana Trencheva | Managing Director | SAP Southeast Europe

Strategic assets should only be in good hands

07:06 23.04.2018

Self-regulation in every industry is the right key to put business into the light

Етикети: business | Evgeniy Ivanov | Executive Director | Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria | KRIB

Zarina Gencheva: We Strive to Reach Every Consumer

07:02 16.04.2018

In the last 15 years, Metroreklama proved to be a reliable partner for the implementation of various advertising campaigns

Етикети: Metroreklama | Zarina Gencheva | advertising | Out of Home Media

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