Strategic assets should only be in good hands

07:06 23.04.2018

Self-regulation in every industry is the right key to put business into the light


Zarina Gencheva: We Strive to Reach Every Consumer

07:02 16.04.2018

In the last 15 years, Metroreklama proved to be a reliable partner for the implementation of various advertising campaigns

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We are making Bulgaria Europe's leading balneo and SPA center

07:53 09.04.2018

The advantage of Bulgaria is that we can offer any type of mass and specialized tourism at a very competitive price-quality ratio

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H.E. Bea ten Tusscher: Progress Is in Your Hands

07:06 02.04.2018

Bulgaria must popularize its products and services in the Netherlands more actively, especially tourism

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Petia Dimitrova: Banking digitalization is our mission

07:05 23.03.2018

We are moving at the pace of our customers but we are also striving to be one step ahead of them

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Georgi Danov: We are now in a process of rapid growth

07:04 12.03.2018

At Leanplum, I work with a young and intelligent team that is always ready to challenge me

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Business from generations for generations

07:10 26.02.2018

Next Generation is an organization of young entrepreneurs, representatives of successful family businesses, who work with passion for a better future

Етикети: Next Generation | Family Business Association - Bulgaria | Viktor Gugushev | Ivan Staykov

Investors need predictable legal and business environment

07:05 19.02.2018

It is up to Bulgaria to decide when to make the next step towards the Eurozone

Етикети: Herbert Salber | ambassador | Germany | investments

Bulgaria on the Hot Seat

07:04 12.02.2018

What is important for the presidency is not only to be considered successful but also to be remembered as such

Етикети: Bulgaria EU Presidency | Lyubomir Kyuchukov | Economics and International Relations Institute

The unforeseen effects of the Presidency

07:12 01.02.2018

The presidency of the Council of EU is undoubtedly a chance for Europe to learn something about Bulgaria beyond the cliché of it being the poorest and most corrupt member state

Етикети: Vessela Tcherneva | European Council on Foreign Relations | Bulgaria EU Presidency

We are designing a smoke-free future

07:09 23.01.2018

Philip Morris International is the driver of the biggest change in the history of the tobacco industry

Етикети: George Margonis | Philip Morris International | Philip Morris Bulgaria