Eight Acquisitions That Didn’t Happen but Could Have Changed History

07:08 20.01.2020

Yahoo missed out on buying Google for only USD 1 million, as well as Facebook at a later stage. Netflix refused to become part of Amazon, and Groupon – of Google


Consumers and the Key to Them

07:08 13.01.2020

Creative agency proof. creates a new face for successful advertising communication

Етикети: Movebg Office Coworking Space | Sava Akhmakov | Angel Iskrev

The Art of Presentation

07:08 06.01.2020

The founder of 356labs Boris Hristov helps businesses make money by impacting their audience

Етикети: 356Labs | Presentation | Boris Hristov

Is There Life after Business Failures

07:12 30.12.2019

Bulgarian economic environment and legislation do not promote the trial-error method as a way to successful entrepreneurship

Етикети: business | Hristo Neychev | Failure | Success | Hristo Petrov | Dobromir Ivanov

Free Competition and Faded Illusions

08:24 23.12.2019

Mastodons live affluently in a time of a single market created by globalization and digital technology

Етикети: companies | Competition | Market | Regulations

The bank of the future is already in our hands

07:05 16.12.2019

Teodora Petkova is Chairman of the Board and CEO of UniCredit Bulbank. Her career at the bank started in 2002.

Етикети: Unicredit Bulbank | Teodora Petkova | Mrs Economy 2019

The digital life of a brand

07:07 25.11.2019

The Internet causes a complete rearrangement, due to the hidden power of technology

Етикети: marketing | brand

A Recipe for Prosperity from Panagyurishte

07:07 18.11.2019

How the Asarel-Medet mining company has become an important factor in making the municipality an attractive place for living

Етикети: Panagyurishte | Asarel-Medet

Let’s Learn from the Precision of Aurubis Bulgaria

07:07 11.11.2019

At the Analytical Laboratories and the Development Centre, we meet professionals inspired by the work they love

Етикети: Aurubis Bulgaria | Analytical Laboratories | Development Centre

Attention! Trade secret

07:07 04.11.2019

In the race for supremacy and bigger market share, not all means are allowed

Етикети: Trade Sectet | Law

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