On the Day When Machines Will Be Smarter than Us

07:05 20.05.2019

In Bulgaria, there is no targeted funding for R&D in the area of artificial intelligence and robots


Let’s Sell, but How

10:58 13.05.2019

Long-term customer relationships are based on honesty and trust, otherwise loyalty is not sustainable

Етикети: business | Trade | sales | Rumen Arsenov

The panic called an ecological credit

08:10 06.05.2019

Are natural resources really depleted or someone is just selling fear

Етикети: ecology | Environment | Resources

The New Challenges before Brands

11:19 29.04.2019

Companies are ever less able to control the environment in which they are being discussed and this will become more and more tangible in the future

Етикети: marketing | Brands | Online Marketing

The Uneven Race with the Big Four

07:04 22.04.2019

In the global change, every small company should decide whether to stay in the shallows or to try to dive into the deep

Етикети: Google | apple | facebook | Amazon | business | Big Four

Is a Mania over Palladium Coming Up

07:05 15.04.2019

Since December 2018, the silvery metal has been more expensive than gold

Етикети: Price | Gold | Palladium | Markets

The Mirage of a Global Euro

07:05 08.04.2019

By Daniel Gros

Етикети: Project Syndicate | euro | eurozone | Daniel Gros

The Corporate Longevity Code

07:05 01.04.2019

Every company has its own "compass" to navigate in the market realities

Етикети: business | Corporate Longevity | Nikola Dobrev | KCM 2000 | Snejana Semova | Deyan Vassilev

Tinusaur, Which Goes Back to the Future

07:05 25.03.2019

Neven Boyanov’s project teaches programming, robotics and electronics

Етикети: Innovations | Tinusaur | programming | robotics | electronics | Neven Boyanov

The New Driving Force for Business

07:05 18.03.2019

The care for the customer experience is measured by more customers, loyal consumers and market leadership

Етикети: marketing | business | customer experience

In Search of Security - from Bitcoin to Stablecoin

07:05 11.03.2019

The volatility of the traditional cryptocurrencies prevents them from becoming a means of payment for daily transactions

Етикети: Bitcoin | stablecoin | Dai | Tether | cryptocurrencies

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