Technologies that Can Destroy Many Jobs

08:03 19.01.2019

Blockchain, autonomous cars and the Internet of Things are among them


The Digital Panacea

07:05 14.01.2019

The world is becoming digital, convenience is important, but security and quality are not in the least to be ignored

Етикети: technologies | Digital Panacea

Outsourcing or not

07:06 07.01.2019

It is time to roll out the red carpet for Bulgarian investments in high-tech products, created in Bulgaria

Етикети: business | Outsourcing

Business at а Faster Speed

07:04 02.01.2019

Dynamic changes make it necessary to restructure your company in the right way, Velinov and Partners Consulting House reminds

Етикети: Velinov and Partners Consulting House | Consulting Business

Rising or Falling Tide in Economy

08:07 25.12.2018

There are symptoms for an upcoming turn in the positive cycle, bankers warn

Етикети: economy | ERM II | eurozone | banks | Finance

The Era of the Companies with no Managers Is Coming

10:19 19.12.2018

Horizontal organisations are already entering the business world and challenging the traditional corporate management model

Етикети: Decentralised Companies | Horizontal organisations

Идва ерата на компаниите без ръководител

10:17 19.12.2018

Хоризонталните организации вече навлизат в света на бизнеса и предизвикват традиционния корпоративен модел на управление

Етикети: децентрализирани компании | хоризонтални компании

The Change Called Rebranding

13:18 18.12.2018

The brand is the soul of a company and that is why it requires professional care at every step of its updating

Етикети: marketing | brand | Miracle Works | Rebranding | Iliana Zaharieva | NeykoNeykov | Responsa Prevent | MiroslavaIvanova

The Time of Hollywood 2.0 Is Coming

10:15 14.12.2018

MovieCoin is a Blockchain company that intends to redefine the way movies are financed and produced

Етикети: Blockchain | MovieCoin | Hollywood

Идва времето на Холивуд 2.0

10:13 14.12.2018

MovieCoin е блокчейн компания, която възнамерява да предефинира начина, по който се финансират и продуцират филми

Етикети: Холивуд | блокчейн | MovieCoin

A Battle of Chinese Technological Giants

07:07 10.12.2018

You think that the battles between Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft are the biggest clashes in the IT industry? Jack Ma and Pony Ma are about to steal the show

Етикети: Tencent | Aliababa | Jack Ma | Pony Ma

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