The Northwest That Is Not in Decline

12:13 04.07.2020

New business opportunities are opening up in cities such as Vidin and Lom


The New Old Weapons of Advertising

07:00 11.07.2020

Reality is shifting quickly and a careful approach is needed in order to attract consumers’ attention

Етикети: marketing | advertising | Guerrilla Marketing

The Big Restart Begins

19:11 28.06.2020

The economic crisis did not really come unexpected, but found us unprepared for such an ominous scenario

Етикети: economy | forecasts | business | Crisis | COVID-19 | Restart

COVID-19 and the End of Individualism

07:08 22.06.2020

By Diane Coyle

Етикети: Project Syndicate | Diane Coyle | Covia-19 | Individualism

The new digital reality

07:08 08.06.2020

The threat to our health has proved to be the healthy accelerator of processes that we would have been, otherwise, slowly approaching

Етикети: business | digitalisation | Crisis | coronavirus

Pink Glasses for Short-Sighted People

08:08 25.05.2020

In the global world, mobile people become residents of the most attractive places to live

Етикети: Management | pink glasses

The Hardships of Art Entrepreneurship

07:08 11.05.2020

The competition for projects is great, unlike the number of funding organizations

Етикети: art | entrepreneurship | Jacqueline Wagenstein | Stefka Tsaneva | Goethe-Institut Bulgaria | Veselina Sarieva | Photosyntesis

The Bio Market Relies on Trust and Personal Approach

07:08 04.05.2020

Natural products are becoming more accessible via the Internet, but the only chance for consumers to taste them is in the shops and on the markets

Етикети: agriculture | Kunka Petkova | Bio Market | Natural Products | Zhivko Dzhamyarov | Ancestral Superfoods | BIO WAY

Thinking People and Machines

07:08 27.04.2020

Eng. Svetlin Penkov, PhD, is creating a centre for entrepreneurs and scientists who have the ambition to put Bulgaria on the world map in the development of artificial intelligence

Етикети: artificial intelligence | robotics | Svetlin Penkov | Sciro Research

The Power of Soft Skills

07:55 20.04.2020

Often, they are valued much higher than professional skills when recruiting personnel

Етикети: Soft Skills | Carrier | Lazar Radkov | Philip Anastassiu | Nadia Marinova | Nadia Bright | Silvina Furnadzhieva

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