Pink Glasses for Short-Sighted People

08:08 25.05.2020

In the global world, mobile people become residents of the most attractive places to live


In Search of Security - from Bitcoin to Stablecoin

07:05 11.03.2019

The volatility of the traditional cryptocurrencies prevents them from becoming a means of payment for daily transactions

Етикети: Bitcoin | stablecoin | Dai | Tether | cryptocurrencies

The Unsuccessful IT Hegemons

12:16 04.03.2019

Many admire successful tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. However, the stories of the unsuccessful ones are no less interesting

Етикети: Yahoo | Zynga | Twitter | MySpace | IT Hegemons | SoundCloud

What Is Happening to People

07:05 25.02.2019

Technological changes are penetrating quickly and we will have to think more and more about people and their adaptation to this transformation

Етикети: business | human resources

The Bulgarian Innovations - Who Will Let the Genie out of the Bottle

07:05 18.02.2019

Are our innovators timid or they are lacking financial support to stir up a technological revolution with their ideas

Етикети: Innovations

Dimitar Tsotsorkov: We Develop Mining Iindustry of a New Generation

07:07 11.02.2019

I felt a leader when I realized that the future of thousands of families depends on the decisions which I am to make

Етикети: business | leader | Dimitar Tsotsorkov | Assarel-Medet JSC | Panagyurishte

Economy Magazine Turns 30

07:05 04.02.2019

The magazine is a chronicler of the great change

Етикети: Economy Magazine | 30 Years

Password: Cybersecurity

07:05 29.01.2019

Is there reliable protection for our data and digital devices – Economy Magazine starts a conversation that is to be continued at the Sofia Cyber Sec 2019 conference

Етикети: Economicbg | SoftUni | syber security | Acronis | Sofia Cyber Sec 2019 conference | Economy Magazine | Dr Svetlin Nakov | Vasil Velichkov | Ivan Dudin | Digital National Coalition

Technologies that Can Destroy Many Jobs

08:03 19.01.2019

Blockchain, autonomous cars and the Internet of Things are among them

Етикети: technology | Blockchain | Internet of Things | Autonomous Cars | Drones | Shared Economy

The Digital Panacea

07:05 14.01.2019

The world is becoming digital, convenience is important, but security and quality are not in the least to be ignored

Етикети: technologies | Digital Panacea

Outsourcing or not

07:06 07.01.2019

It is time to roll out the red carpet for Bulgarian investments in high-tech products, created in Bulgaria

Етикети: business | Outsourcing

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