How Asset Tokenisation Can Liberalise Investments

07:06 05.11.2018

The concept of “smart contracts” based on the blockchain technology will soon allow every person to acquire minimal portions of movable or immovable properties under clearly defined rules

Етикети: Asset Tokenisation | Investments Blockchain

Raw Material or Absolute Garbage

07:06 29.10.2018

Half-measures are no longer working and we have to find an effective solution for utilizing the huge amount of waste we generate

Етикети: Recycling | Garbage | Circular economy

The Battle for Free Online Sharing

07:06 22.10.2018

The European Parliament approved a controversial new Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market that threatens to completely change the Internet

Етикети: Free Online Sharing | European Parliament | Directive | Copyright in the Digital Single Market | Internet

The Economic Costs of Erdoğan

07:03 15.10.2018

For more than a decade, financial markets gave Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the benefit of the doubt and supplied the Turkish economy with easy credit

Етикети: Recep Tayyip Erdoan | Turkey

The Three Tribes of Austerity

07:05 08.10.2018

By Yanis Varoufakis

Етикети: Yanis Varoufakis | Austerity

Hard Days for Lightweight Plastics

07:03 01.10.2018

Plastic waste may cause an environmental catastrophe. How can we avoid it

Етикети: waste | ecology | plastics

New Destination for Digital Nomads

07:06 10.08.2018

Bulgaria can create conditions for accelerated development of high technologies, innovation and artificial intelligence, the entrepreneur Milko Pamukchiev believes

Етикети: business | digitalisation | digital nomads | Milko Pamukchiev

The New Reality of Talent Acquisition

07:05 23.07.2018

Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Be an Important Part of This Human Activity

Етикети: human resources | Majio | SlothWorks | Svetla Simidchieva | Ekaterina Mihaylova


07:06 09.07.2018

Digital technology will also enter agriculture to make it more efficient and easily manageable

Етикети: technology | digitalisation | agriculture | agro

Which Way does the Wind of Change in Banks Blow

07:05 02.07.2018

It is a fact that banks will become more and more technological and invisible. But is digitalisation overexposed

Етикети: FinTech | digitalisation | banks

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