Did technologies save us

07:00 27.06.2020

It is the first pandemic in human history, in which isolation was secured by the available digital solutions for business, education and entertainment


CRISTA, or Making Climate Change CRISTAl Clear

07:00 17.06.2019

The ambitious company will help insurance risk engineering stop working in the dark

Етикети: Cleantech Bulgaria | startup | Climate-KIC | CRISTA | climate change | Monika Manolova | Vladislav Trenkin

Crowdfunding - a Game for Advanced Players

07:00 10.06.2019

Bulgarian entrepreneurs share the lessons learned from the use of the platforms

Етикети: Neven Boyanov | Crowdfunding | Tinosaur | Elena Rapondzhieva | Zmey Studio | Halfbike | Martin Angelov | Kolelinia

Regional Entrepreneurial Discoveries Are Ahead of Us

10:10 03.06.2019

Ruse, Burgas and Vratsa make confident first steps in innovation

Етикети: Business Regional Entrepreneurahip | Emiliyan Kadiyski | Arch Emil Burulyanov | Nikola Ilchev

Economy Stores the Valuable Lessons

07:01 27.05.2019

Like a time machine, the old issues of the magazine take us back to lessons, which are good to remember

Етикети: Economy Magazine | 30 Years | Anniversary | Vasil Kanev | Mister Economy

Business at an Ear Distance

07:01 20.05.2019

Which are the “white swallows” of Bulgarian podcasts

Етикети: business | podcasts | Elenko Elenkov | Vladimir Petkov | Justine Toms | Georgi Nenov

Business from Mothers for Mothers

10:40 13.05.2019

The online environment has provided new opportunities for development of entrepreneurship in this niche

Етикети: business | mothers | niche | Iva Dyankova | Krasimira Hadzhiivanova | Elisaveta Belobradova | Hristina Lisnik | Denitsa Gospodinova | Tsveti Daskalova

Cars - an Easy Target for Cyberattacks

08:04 06.05.2019

A physical theft of a car is no longer such a threat as is the hacking of personal data

Етикети: cars | Cyber Security | Cyberattacks

The Talking Hand

11:40 29.04.2019

The BrainHUB Lab team has taken upon the task to develop a system that transforms sign language into acoustic speech

Етикети: Oleg Kamenscic | Dimitar Peev | Talking Hand | BrainHUB Lab

Knowledge in the Age of Industry 4.0

07:00 22.04.2019

The Sofia Tech Park Laboratory is a meeting place for science and business

Етикети: technology | business | Science | Sofia Tech Park