Now Is the Time for Tough Decisions

21:20 28.06.2020

Today the Finance Director Looks beyond everyday tasks to long-term value creation


Where Are the Women Billionaires

07:04 16.04.2018

The richest ladies are often heiresses or wives of entrepreneurs, and not "self-made"

Етикети: Fortune | Women Billionaires | rich

Daniela Uzunova: "I Want" and "I Can" Are My Favourite Words

07:55 09.04.2018

A company’s top is reached through work and some more work

Етикети: Daniela Uzunova | Danone | leader | leadership

Svetlin Nakov: Sofia Will Be a World Power in Blockchain Training

07:03 02.04.2018

SoftUni is becoming a technological knowledge provider – for now with entirely Bulgarian trainers and know-how

Етикети: IT | Svetlin Nakov | SoftUni | blockchain training | education

Shoes that Go Around the World

07:08 23.03.2018

How Valentina Bezuhanova, Sabina Gyosheva and Denitsa Bumbarova had no experience in shoemaking but created a prestigious brand

Етикети: by FAR | startup | Valentina Bezuhanova | Sabina Gyosheva | Denitsa Bumbarova | shoes | Ingiliz - 2009 | Peshtera

Global nomads

07:01 12.03.2018

The generation that redefined entertainment, consumption, the workplace and the market itself appeared on the labour market

Етикети: Generation Z | Generation X | labour market | human resources | Detelina Smilkova

Michalakis Leptos: Business leadership is integrity

07:53 05.03.2018

There is always room for improvements, says the 80-year-old head of a land and building development business empire and winner of the 2017 Honorary Award for an overall contribution to entrepreneurship in Cyprus

Етикети: Leptos Group of Companies | Michalakis Leptos | Cyprus | business | doyen

On-line brings us together and tears us apart

07:12 26.02.2018

The Internet, as if with a magic wand, continues changing our understanding of shopping, communication and everything

Етикети: change | online | on-line | digital transition

The Power of the Brand

07:02 19.02.2018

The person makes the name and the name makes the person. Work for your name and later on it will work for you. Who has not heard of that? It is an art to turn your name into a brand, and such a skill is a real value in the strict and the figurative sense

Етикети: personal brand | branding | marketing

The river of talent

06:58 12.02.2018

In the labyrinth of the “matrix” there is also a way for development of individual talents

Етикети: talent | skills

Houben Tcherkelov: My art is not a provocation but an invitation for dialogue

07:15 01.02.2018

The artist who has been working in New York for years is coming to Sofia in February for his first solo painting exhibition in Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art

Етикети: Houben Tcherkelov | art | painting

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