Human Memory and Its Secrets

08:04 25.05.2020

Science is yet to make breakthroughs in the study of the human “software”


With Digitalization, the Risks of Cyber Threats Increase

12:35 28.02.2020

Every business has to make cybersecurity a priority, but every one of us should not ignore it, either

Етикети: Cyber Security | Sofia CyberSec 2020 | Aleksandar Stamenov | CLICO Bulgaria

We Make the Changes Before the Necessity for Them Actually Arises

07:04 19.02.2020

Consumer surveys reveal to us future trends and unaddressed market niches

Етикети: Nikolay Arnaudov | Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria

We are moving forward with 100 years of experience behind us

07:04 10.02.2020

Employees who work with passion are the backbone of every successful business

Етикети: British American Tobacco | Mila Marechkova | Interview | Kiril Georgiev

The Entrepreneur and the Philosophy of Natural Health

07:04 03.02.2020

Ivan Lesev does not stop experimenting and creating new products and productions. Gabrovo remains his wharf

Етикети: Narine | Ivan Lesev

The Wonderful World of Science

07:04 27.01.2020

Yavor Kiryakov has the ambitions for the University for Children to prepare talents who will design our technological future

Етикети: Science | Yavor Kiryakov | University for Children

Lion Cubs in Entrepreneurship

07:04 20.01.2020

Student entrepreneurs solve real life problems with the support of mentors from the real economy

Етикети: business | startup | entrepreneurship | Teenovator

We are setting up a new sustainable business model

07:04 13.01.2020

Dundee Precious Metals shall be disbursing grants worth USD 5 million for micro, small and medium enterprises in the Krumovgrad region

Етикети: Dundee Precious Metals | Krumovgrad | Irena Tsakova

BORICA has a new role: A payment institution

07:04 06.01.2020

Our project with the National Revenue Agency made it possible for an obligation to be considered repaid as soon as a successful credit card payment is made.

Етикети: BORICA | payment institution | Anna Angelova

Change is the Only Invariable

07:07 30.12.2019

In order to have satisfied customers, you need to work with satisfied employees

Етикети: Vivacom | financial director | Asen Velikov

It Is Windy at the Top

08:19 23.12.2019

I start from the beginning when I have no other option. This is how I created the beautiful flower in the insurance sector – Victoria Insurance Company

Етикети: leaders | Dancho Danchev | Victoria Insurance Company

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