Human Memory and Its Secrets

08:04 25.05.2020

Science is yet to make breakthroughs in the study of the human “software”


The Magnetic Power of Animals

10:47 29.07.2019

Emotion sells – this formula works very successfully in the tourism business, too

Етикети: tourism | Animals | Cats | Dogs | Elephants | Buffalos | Elena | Kilazhevtsi

The Bitcoins of the Ancestors

07:03 22.07.2019

The curious transformation of money from rare items to cryptocurrencies

Етикети: Bitcoim | Cryptocurrency | Money | Ancient

Gadgets from the Fairy Tales

07:04 15.07.2019

Flying carpets and speed boots are now a reality and can turn anyone into a superhero

Етикети: Gadgets | Flying Carpet | ARCA Space Corporation | hoverboard | Speed Hoverboots

The Fast Train of Industry 4.0 Might Run Us over

07:04 08.07.2019

In Sofia Tech Park, we will create an incubator for companies that will apply CERN technologies

Етикети: technology | Sofia Tech Park | Prof Dr Leandar Litov | Insudtry 40 | CERN

People are the force that drives the company forward

10:35 01.07.2019

In order to maintain a cohesive team, you need a common goal to unite everyone

Етикети: A1 | human resources | Miglena Uzunova-Tsekova | Senior Director

The prospect of being the first is only possible with the right team of proselytes

05:24 24.06.2019

Investments and innovations are a continuous process in the company

Етикети: VP Brands International | Ivan Papazov

The Bank of the future will be accessible, fast and convenient

07:04 17.06.2019

If you want to be a leader in what you do, you need to be prepared for the change

Етикети: Fibank | banking | CFO | Jivko Todorov

Insurance Is Trust in Advance

07:02 10.06.2019

Insurance is one of the cheapest things that a person can buy, but we often think of it too late

Етикети: insurance | Nikolay Genchev | UNIQA Bulgaria

Financial Literacy Is as Important as the Alphabet

10:20 03.06.2019

Staying on the top is not an end in itself, it’s a result

Етикети: MasterCard | leaders | Vanya Manova | Financial Literacy

Our Most Valuable Asste are the People and the Hard-Earned Trust

07:03 27.05.2019

Businesses are nothing without the people

Етикети: Engineer Kalin Peshov | Glavbolgarstroy