Now Is the Time for Tough Decisions

21:20 28.06.2020

Today the Finance Director Looks beyond everyday tasks to long-term value creation


Shelter from the Storm in 2019

07:03 04.02.2019

In the coming year, global economic, financial, and political stability will depend on outcomes in four areas. And what happens on one front is likely to affect the prospects for positive outcomes on all the others

Етикети: Project Syndicate | Barry Eichengreen

The Future of the Tobacco Industry is Smoke-free

07:03 29.01.2019

Regulators need to create favourable conditions for the current smokers who cannot quit to switch to reduced risk alternatives

Етикети: IQOS | George Margonis | Philip Morris International | Philip Morris Bulgaria | Tobacco | alternative tobacco products

A Leader Can See beyond the Obvious

08:04 19.01.2019

The three “toolkits” in my style of management: listen carefully, delegate precisely, control delicately

Етикети: business | leader | Dr Nikolay Kolev | Plena Bulgaria | Ognyanovo K

If We Lack Trained Staff, We Need to Develop Them

07:03 14.01.2019

The deficit of good management and social responsibility towards workers is the cause of labour shortage

Етикети: business | Radomir Cholakov | KAOLIN

Technology remodels insurance as well

07:03 07.01.2019

We are introducing a new product and every our home property insurance will contain an online protection coverage

Етикети: technology | insurance | Kosta Cholakov | DZI

There Are Clouds on the Horizon, but I do not Expect Storms

07:02 02.01.2019

The economic cycle has reached its peak and growth rates in 2019 will be lower - not only in Bulgaria, but in Europe and globally

Етикети: banks | Finance | Oliver Roegl

Digitalisation Is a Long Path that We will Have to Walk

08:04 25.12.2018

The client always wants one thing: a better, cheaper and faster service

Етикети: FinTech | Postbank | banks | Petya Dimitrova | Mrs Economy 2018 | Finance

Telecommunications Move Faster Than Even FMCG

13:15 18.12.2018

A1 has the largest market share among the corporate clients

Етикети: A1 | Alexander Dimitrov | Mr Economy 2018 | Telecommunications

A Cypriot Is Heading the European Brewers

07:04 10.12.2018

Five Photiades, headed by the “Patriarch of the Cypriot Business”, manage the family business empire today

Етикети: Cyprus | Beer | Pavlos Photiades | European brewers | Photos Photiades Group

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper

07:06 26.11.2018

Lean Management is a master formula in the development of innovations by both start-ups and corporations

Етикети: marketing | Hristo Neychev | Lean Management

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