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Marcel van der Hoek: In Bulgaria, the Digitization in the Industry Will Expand

07:04 09.07.2018

ABB Group's Investments in the Country Continue to Grow

Етикети: digitalisation | industry | Marcel van der Hoek | ABB Bulgaria | ABB Group | Automation

Kosta Cholakov: The Client is a Conductor of Changes

07:03 02.07.2018

To learn from our own mistakes - this is the lesson learned the hardest way

Етикети: insurance | Kosta Cholakov | DZI | leaders

Yulia Yovcheva: Always at Least a Step ahead of the Competition

07:03 18.06.2018

The common thing between the art of maintaining a car and finance management is the need to pay attention to detail

Етикети: Porsche BG | automobiles | cars | brand | Yulia Yovcheva | financial director

Kalin Radev: Technology Is Becoming a Main Factor in the Transformation of the Financial Sector

07:03 11.06.2018

In 5-10 years, players who have invested and created flexible and fast adaptive platforms will remain on the market

Етикети: technology | Software Group | FinTech | Kalin Radev | banks

Alexander Dimitrov: Mtel Becomes A1 and Remains an Innovator

07:06 23.05.2018

Our ambitions is to be the first telecom in Bulgaria that will offer the 5G technology

Етикети: 5G | mtel | A1 | Alexander Dimitrov | telecom

If Society Prospers, It Should Be Felt By Pensioners

07:02 14.05.2018

There is no pension scheme in the world, public or private, that is isolated from the problem of population aging

Етикети: Ivaylo Ivanov | National Social Security Institute | insurance | pension system

A Game Can Teach

02:52 08.05.2018

There are new methods for companies to increase their efficiency in quick and easy way

Етикети: The Business Institute | game | gamification | Tsvetelina Tenev | Svetlan Stanoev

Bulgarian Masters of Mapping

07:01 30.04.2018

MP Studio is among the pioneers in projecting 3D visual effects and interactive installations on different objects

Етикети: MP Studio | Marin Petkov | 3D mapping | 3D visual effects

The KEAN Sisters from the Cyprus’ Fruit Empire

07:03 23.04.2018

The 70-year-old company is the island's leader in the production and export of natural juices

Етикети: KEAN | Kikoula Kotsapas | Evi Papadopoulou | juices

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