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The fin-tech is an important accelerator


The future of banking is in innovation, but it is in our company DNA

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Fintech - The Time Machine


In cooperation with innovative companies, traditional financial institutions can enter the future through the main entrance

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Digitalisation Is a Long Path that We will Have to Walk


The client always wants one thing: a better, cheaper and faster service

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The Bulgarian Trace in Robinhood


For four years the start-up of Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt became the second most expensive fintech company in the US

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Which Way does the Wind of Change in Banks Blow


It is a fact that banks will become more and more technological and invisible. But is digitalisation overexposed

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Kalin Radev: Technology Is Becoming a Main Factor in the Transformation of the Financial Sector


In 5-10 years, players who have invested and created flexible and fast adaptive platforms will remain on the market

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Petia Dimitrova: Banking digitalization is our mission


We are moving at the pace of our customers but we are also striving to be one step ahead of them

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FinTech секторът в България отчете успешна 2017 година


Изминалата 2017 г. е била успешна за компаниите от FinTech сектора в България. Броят на транзакциите, осъществени през FinTech платформи непрекъснато се увеличава, заедно с обема на инвестираните средства в платформите за peer-to-peer финансиране

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10 интересни факта за Млечния път


Днес празнуват почитателите на "Пътеводител на галактическия стопаджия"

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