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Did technologies save us


It is the first pandemic in human history, in which isolation was secured by the available digital solutions for business, education and entertainment

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The Future Ruler of the World


Dr. Lubomir Todorov believes that the time when artificial intelligence will change the rules of competition is not far

Етикети: technology | artificial intelligence | Dr Lubomir Todorov

The Fulcrum of Technology


Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences are looking for challenges and are ready for joint projects with businesses and municipalities

Етикети: technology | Science | Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

3D Printing Designs – a New Ecosystem Worth Billions


With a 3D printer, we can easily create almost anything around us

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Two Bulgarian companies are ready to make a breakthrough on the international markets with innovative solutions

Етикети: technology | Drones | Zhulieta Dimitrova | Yordan Merakov

Breakthrough in DNA Computers


A new discovery is about to change the way we process information and the entire information technology sector

Етикети: technology | DNA Computers

The Fast Train of Industry 4.0 Might Run Us over


In Sofia Tech Park, we will create an incubator for companies that will apply CERN technologies

Етикети: technology | Sofia Tech Park | Prof Dr Leandar Litov | Insudtry 40 | CERN

On the Day When Machines Will Be Smarter than Us


In Bulgaria, there is no targeted funding for R&D in the area of artificial intelligence and robots

Етикети: technology | RD | artificial intelligence | Robots

Technology Comes After There Is a Demand for It


Let us together make Bulgaria a recognizable place where high-tech products and services are created

Етикети: technology | visionary | Out2Bbound | Dimitar Mitkov | Teofil Shikov | Boris Georgiev | Zdravko Zdravkov

Knowledge in the Age of Industry 4.0


The Sofia Tech Park Laboratory is a meeting place for science and business

Етикети: technology | business | Science | Sofia Tech Park

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