The Bio Market Relies on Trust and Personal Approach

Natural products are becoming more accessible via the Internet, but the only chance for consumers to taste them is in the shops and on the markets

The Bio Market Relies on Trust and Personal Approach

Снимка: Economy Magazine

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Maya Tsaneva

Consumers of bio and organic certified products are becoming more and more, but they are also changing. The trust crisis in Bulgarian and imported bio-foods has catalysed changes in their supply. We used to look for them in specialised shops and farmers’ markets, but today, we can find these products in super and hypermarkets, and the online trading accounts for about 50-55% of the organic food sales, according to an expert study published in Capital newspaper in May 2019. Last year, however, one of the most recognizable online e-commerce bio product platforms ceased operations, and this raised questions about the challenges in the sector.

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