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Readers are invited to contact us by email ([email protected]) to notify us of errors or dispute the material presented. We review all issues raised in correspondence, respond where necessary, and correct errors if our review does identify any.

Journalists at strive to provide accurate, unbiased reporting at all times. If we make a mistake or new information comes out that changes our understanding of the subject, we make a correction, reference, or update.

If the fact check contains a material, factual error, we correct it. Information is placed at the bottom of the article in a different font that explains what has been corrected. The correction is then made in the main text of the article and, if necessary, reflected in the title.

If the fact check reveals a minor error, such as a spelling or grammatical error that is not relevant to the understanding of the article, it is corrected promptly, but not explicitly noted.

If we become aware of additional information that does not contradict existing information, but simply provides additional context or explanation on the topic discussed in the fact-check, that information is added to the article and it is noted as "updated." Clarifying text is placed at the bottom of the article to explain what has been added.