The Game of Colours

The artist Kiril Andreev creates his own mystical world in his vivid canvasses

The Game of Colours
Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

I paint because I know how to do it better than anything else, and because it brings me joy and satisfaction. The brush and the spatula give me the freedom to express myself in the way I feel closest to my heart... We have heard many artists say that in their own words, Kiril Andreev claims it, too. He loves music, paints while listening to music and music flows from his canvasses.

Painting of Life

Kiril Andreev is a painter. He graduated from the Art School in Sofia and in 2000 received his diploma in Graphics from the University of Veliko Tarnovo, but his interest remained in the field of painting. He loves colour and uses old painting techniques. Musical instruments resonate from his paintings, female figures breathe in his canvasses and sea horses and birds appear here and there. The vivid world, created by Kiril Andreev, is one of a kind.

The Magic of Paint

He grew up in an artistic environment – his father is an artist. The atmosphere in the workshop captivated and enchanted him, and in his early years, Kiril Andreev chose painting as his own path. As a child, he had a favourite game: he liked to mix paint on his father's palette and enjoyed the way colours changed. Today, he continues to mix paint and likes to observe how reality transforms in his paintings.


“Art unites people with similar souls and attitudes. It creates a spiritual environment in which everyone recognises their own kind. Art gives me the strength to live and nothing can make me give up on it,” Kiril Andreev assures. He works hard, he is productive, and maybe that’s why his paintings are sold well on the market. The interest in his works for him is a motive to keep an eye on the trace he is leaving behind in art.
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