The Golden Age of Digital Economy

Digital transformation is entering its accelerated stage

The Golden Age of Digital Economy

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Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Digital technologies are no longer an addition to every business, they are the business and the economy itself. Digitalization is entering traditional industries and is transforming them fundamentally. And people who do not keep up with the change, or simply believe that they will somehow get away with it, will probably loose their business. There are already a lot of examples. Everything is happening quickly, so quickly that what yesterday seemed like a fantasy is now turning into reality. How is this happening?

The Heart of Changes

Digital change is entering its accelerated stage, in which new technologies in the industrial sector are being arduously introduced. As a result, productivity is increasing significantly, while the costs for basic resources are being optimized. We are now at the heart of changes. Investments in the digital sector are the best way to promote new economic opportunities, new jobs and economic growth - this is what we have been convinced in recently. But the pace has become faster, reaching a point where it is clear that there is no turning back.

Where Are We Going

Digital revolution is changing the way we work, learn and live. A great many of the jobs that currently exist will disappear, replaced by new professions. Some even claim that digital skills will be the most valuable "currency". Smart cities are the cities of a very near future, and their DNA are innovations. Experts in economic development circles assure that we are entering the strongest period of digitalization. We will go through the maturity stage of digital economy, and around 2040, the time will come, when the growth curve will probably go down. We live in intersting and dynamic times.

I present Several Points of View on the Topic.

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