The Line That Leads Forward

The artist Tatyana Harizanova is trying to get to the gentle tranquillity of art, brought to synthesis

The Line That Leads Forward

Снимка: Yana Blazheva

436 ~ 1 мин. четене
Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

The painting is like a person, and you have to be able to live with it for a long time when it enters your home or office, Tatyana Harizanova assures. Emotions, passion and fire are her drive for painting. She is searching for her own self through the paintings she creates. She portrays her own inner world, viewed through her outer eyes. That is how “Just Before I Fall Asleep”, “They”, “The Many I”, “Breakfast in Bed”, “Connectivity” pieces were born.

The titles

poetically finalise the story that is portrayed on the canvas. Through the paintings, she shows states, but also fills in personal gaps. She misses a hug, “Hug Me” appears, for two years she could not go to the sea, and now “Boats” are floating on her canvases. She paints places where she has not been, so that she can go there, and things she wants to happen to her.

A change of tonality

followed after the abstract insinuations “Free the Flowers”. The “In the Circle of the Line” exhibition in the San Stefano Gallery in Sofia showed her other moods. The thing that unites the canvases in this cycle, created over a year, is the clear line and the synthesis in which people and feelings are turned into symbols and signs. Most of the paintings have only two, rarely three or more colours. “The many words are confusing, that is why I try to achieve simplicity that emanates calm tranquillity”, the artist explains.


charges and gives power. And let people enter galleries in order to be inspired by the way someone else sees the world. Without encounters with art, days and nights will go by, but the person will remain down, in the low grounds, and will not dare to climb to their spiritual greatness, Tatyana Harizanova says.

The line, the colour, the emotion, the cyclic recurrence and the change will continue to lead the painter forward to the unknown Tatyana Harizanova.