A Leader Can See beyond the Obvious

The three “toolkits” in my style of management: listen carefully, delegate precisely, control delicately

Dr. Nikolay Kolev:

A Leader Can See beyond the Obvious

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Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Dr. Nikolay Kolev has been the CEO of Plena Bulgaria EOOD and Ognyanovo K AD since 2001. He is a graduate in International Economic Relations from the University of National and World Economy and the IMD Lausanne's International Management Programme. He began his career in one of the leading foreign trade organisations, and in the period 1995-2001, he was the Executive Director of YTONG Bulgaria. He defended his PhD in Economics in 2003.

My definition of a leader: a person who can inspire and motivate people around them.

A manager becomes a leader when they begin to see beyond the obvious and succeed in involving their team into the pursuit of goals beyond the visible realities.

The drive of a company is the good team, driven by clearly formulated, ambitious but feasible goals.

The successful business development most often depends on common sense.

A good manager of a company is recognised by the self-esteem and motivation of the team and the dynamics in the company's development.

In my work, I am guided by ambitious goals and balancing of interests.

The three “toolkits” in my style of management: listen carefully, delegate precisely, control delicately.

Every company can reach the bottom if it gets into a big storm, and come back to surface when the sea calms down.

In a strong market storm, you can avoid a shipwreck if you have motivated the team and balanced and reinforced the load.  But you can also sink in quiet waters if you have believed in yourself so much that you fall asleep on the helm.

Competition is the main drive for development both from market and human perspective.

The treachery of globalisation lies in the sick brains.

We should not underestimate traditional industries because they are the foundation on which we build.

We will untie the knot of the lack of staff in Bulgaria by improving the business environment, investing in education, and providing opportunities for professional and career development.

The qualities I highly appreciate in others - openness and consistency.

The lesson learned by me the hardest way - good should be done only when there is a real and conscious need for it.

To everyone who is starting to build a career now, I will say: Hurry up slowly.

I choose Bulgaria because I love it and believe it has the potential to be a very good place for living and business.

The saying that reflects my views on life: Life is a long-distance run.

Life will become more and more dynamic and unpredictable.

I recommend you to believe in goodness and think positively. This will not only make you happy, but will “infect” others with goodness.

Company Profile

Ognyanovo K is the largest manufacturer of lime products in Bulgaria, which find application not only in civil engineering, but also in various other fields of industry. They have two plants, own quarries, state-of-the-art technological equipment, highly-qualified personnel and an excellent managerial team. Their leadership position is backed by 20 years of efforts to develop the company and modernise the industry. Ognyanovo K AD is part of Plena Group – a Swedish family-owned investment company.

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