Hristo Neychev: Each crisis opens new horizons

Catch the wind of change and automate everything that can be done by robots or artificial intelligence

Hristo Neychev: Each crisis opens new horizons
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Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Historically, humanity has had the strongest development after periods of crisis and trials. And if this pandemic plays the role of such an accelerator, it will repay its "price". This will be a good "war" that will make us grow up morally, riding the wave which passes

along the thin line

between panic and resting in the comfort zone.

In difficult times, some companies have a clash of interests and power, a division between bosses and layed-off employees, instead of all of them working together and winning. With this transformation, new trends are emerging and one of them is that everything which can be automated and done by robots or artificial intelligence needs to be automated. It is time for people to focus on creativity - to create products of the future through professions of the future. We see how the most affected by this unexpected turn are the businesses with the least degree of automation. After this crisis, the important industries of tomorrow will be different.

The economy is cyclic and after each boom there is a recession, and this repeats every 10-12 years. The emergency situation brought the economies into recession. But every crisis has a purifying character. It removes what is not worth it by allowing something new to emerge. That way the planet, and

the business, is cleansing itself of the accumulated toxins

In an emergency, you can see what really matters to people. We now realize that without agriculture and food production, we cannot survive. Without good medicine, we also cannot be healthy and alive. And without science there is no way to continue developing. This pandemic-induced challenge has helped all of humanity to set their watches. In times of deep turmoil, everyone rethinks their priorities. In this crisis, priority industries will emerge, more resources will be redirected and, thus, the next big companies will emerge. This is neither a positive nor a negative process, it is simply a natural process. We must have the strength to handle whatever destiny has in store for us.

At critical time, it is necessary

to evaluate the possible risks

both business and personal, but we also need to be able to see the new opportunities that are opening up. Because any change brings risks, but it also opens up new horizons. ST6 EOOD is a company that, in these turbulent times, helps the business to cope with its key problems through masterfully created software solutions. For anyone whose activity is severely affected by the pandemic, the outcome is innovation. For example, restaurants that want to survive have started delivering food instead of waiting for customers to go to them. Some quickly replaced the top location and the large space with a much more affordable option - distributed teams and work from home. Startups cut costs and started thinking about drone delivery. Of course, this is linked to transformations and new investments, but if you want to be on the market, you make the change, otherwise you fail. Those who seek to make their way forward will find a way in this situation.

The pandemic turned out to be

a resistance test

for many businesses, but also a test of their company culture. The crisis should not be a time of whining, but of rethinking and growing up, and as a company we did just that - we outlined the risks, but also the opportunities that could open. If the wind of change blows, we must set our sails in the right direction. Every crisis is a make-it-or-break-it moment, so business owners need to find their own new way, but also to realize that anyone who does not innovate and adjust to new realities is dropping out of the game. The time has come to refresh with innovative products offered in a new way. If you don't change your business, someone else will do it, will replace you and you will perish.

Crises also have

a spiritual side

According to Buddhist wisdom, what we have done for others and for the world remains forever. Our concern for others is of great importance. This spiritual model is also transferred to business. We now see how companies that are completely focused on profit go bankrupt, and product-oriented companies lose their employees. Only those organizations that are focused on people and their needs, that have a strong concern for their employees, will reap the fruits of the natural consequences of the changed situation - a great product, sought after services and solutions and splendid financial results. Buddhism and modern business practices follow the same natural laws: Live to help others and strive to become a better person every day. Amid the current turbulence, it became clear that if you have a solid team of conscious individuals, whatever the world may give you, you will be able to cope with it.