Yulia Yovcheva: Always at Least a Step ahead of the Competition

The common thing between the art of maintaining a car and finance management is the need to pay attention to detail

Yulia Yovcheva: Always at Least a Step ahead of the Competition
Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Yulia Yovcheva has been the financial director of Porsche BG OOD, Porsche Inter Auto BG OOD and Porsche Immobilien BG OOD since 2010. She holds a Master’s degree in Accounting and Control from the University of National and World Economy. In 2004, she started working as an accountant at Porsche BG, later, she became deputy chief accountant, and then for three years, she was the company’s chief accountant before taking the highest position in the Group.

The common thing between the art of maintaining a car and finance management is the need to pay attention to detail. Time and deadlines are an equally important factor in both processes.

One of the major challenges for each CFO is to follow the dynamics of the business development and to comply with the legal requirements of the respective country.

The role of the brand through my perspective as a financier: It is essential. It is my privilege to work for world-famous brands such as Audi and Volkswagen.

How can a company sell more and better - my answer is by always being one step ahead of the competition.

My experience as a financial manager has taught me that making quick and right decisions is at the heart of the ability to position the company among the market leaders.

The basic rule that I respect as a financier is to take calculated risks.

The Chief Financial Officer is expected to be well acquainted with the business environment in which he or she works, the new technologies in and outside the financial sphere, which contribute to the efficiency of his or her work, the current financial instruments, and last but not least - the changes in the legal provisions.

A good financial manager can properly interpret the information he or she has, manage the types of risk well and visualize the overall picture of the business.

I chose the financial sphere as a career path because the decisions that can be made on the basis of specific analyses, planning and forecasting directly affect the present and future development of the company's business.

My professional advice - constant improvement and selection of a good team of professionals.

The car is... Audi and Volkswagen.

In the world of automotive business, dynamic and interesting changes are taking place. In the automotive world, the alternative drive is on the move. All innovative companies are actively expanding their portfolio with hybrid and all-electric models. Autonomous management is another trend in the modern automotive sector. We already have pilot projects and conceptual models that are driven entirely autonomously. Partial functions in some of the current market models, such as piloted parking, are evidence of the development of this propulsion philosophy. Car sharing is the current direction of consumption. Large automotive companies are developing independent programs to share the cars they produce. This is a new territory of mobility that is rapidly entering the big cities. These three elements of mobility from a financial point of view are still in the investment phase, but Audi and Volkswagen are planning for these trends to generate returns and make a positive contribution to mid-term profit.

My favourite quote? Whenever I have to solve a case, I remember an Einstein's thought: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

My "nothing human is strange to me": The answers given here may perhaps portray me as a perfectionist in a professional sense, and I think that in a personal sense this is also true. This makes the task of others difficult, but interesting.

Фирмен профил

Porsche BG is a subsidiary of Austrian Porsche Holding Salzburg, one of the largest European new cars trading companies with headquarters in Austria. Founded by the legendary Porsche and Piech families in 1949, the company has offices in more than 21 countries in Central and Southeast Europe, and also in China, Colombia, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Porsche Holding is a representative of the Volkswagen brand: Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti и Bentley. Since 2011, Porsche Holding Salzburg is 100% owned by Volkswagen AG.  On the Bulgarian market, Porsche began its activity 13 years ago as an importer of Volkswagen passenger and commercial vehicles, and in 2005 also assumed the import rights of the luxury brand Audi. The company works with a well-developed dealer and service network with a tradition in sales and experience in the after sales and warranty service of the three brands.

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