Dimitar Tsotsorkov: We Develop Mining Iindustry of a New Generation

I felt a leader when I realized that the future of thousands of families depends on the decisions which I am to make

Dimitar Tsotsorkov:  We Develop Mining Iindustry of a New Generation
Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Dimitar Tsotsorkov has been Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of Assarel-Medet JSC since 2017. Previously, he was member of the company’s Management Board since 2014 and he was elected its chairperson in 2015.  Holder of two Bachelor’s degrees respectively in Economics and Finance and Computer Science from Richmond American University in London and a Master’s degree in Information Management and Finance from Westminster University in London. He has worked as a sales and marketing agent at London Electricity and a shipping agent at Glencore UK Ltd.,London. He started working at Assarel-Medet JSC in 2001 as a sales and hedging expert and then he became a department manager and Corporate Development director. Currently, he is Executive Director of Assarel-Investment Sole Proprietor JSC.

Dimitar Tsotsorkov has been awarded with Mister Economics 2018 in the Corporate Social Responsibility category.

- Assarel-Medet JSC has its traditions established in corporate social responsiblity and this is very important to me since it enables us to change together in a better aspect. No company today can call itself modern or successful if it is not socially responsible regardless of the technologies which it has at its disposal or the financial and economic results it achieves.   

- I accept The Fisherman and the Golden Fish  as an acknowledgement for Assarel-Medet’s contribution but also as a vision of the social responsibility meaning.  Social investment must change the environment, it must assist people but also hold out new prospects to them, including teaching us how, as a society, we can “catch fish” ourselves instead of relying on someone else to make our dreams come true.   

- I measure my achievements with my own ambition and the goals which I set to myself  but also with the smiles of people around me.

- I came back from London to work in Panagyurishte because I listened to my heart.  

- I felt I am a leader when I realized that the future of thousands of families depends on the decisions which I am to make.

- In this world of hectic changes, a business leader is the person who sets the direction and inspires the others.  

- The most important lesson which I learnt from my father is that the meaning of human life is to leave a better world behind us.  

- The secret for Assarel-Medet’s success lies in good traditions, a good team, a good vision for development.  

- My ambition for Assarel-Medet and its subsidiaries is that we develop mining industry of a new generation.  

- Responsibility – to the law and our conscience, to the people of the team and the society.   

- The investments which a company makes demonstrate whether it invests in the future or is focused on its short-term financial benefits.  

- Care for nature means to give your children health and inspiration.

- My vision for my hometown:  We are to demonstrate that in a Bulgarian municipality people are doing things at a world level, that mining industry is innovating and that it is worth working in such a way which will make several generations after us say: I feel happy here.   

- The most valuable asset in the treasure house of Panagyurishte are its people – proud, intelligent, successful.

- My style of management:  My father used to say that there are two styles of management – one which guides the company and people towards success and leadership positions and the other which fails to do this.  I hope that the results of the companies in which I occupy leadership positions manifest the first management style.

- Visible for the eyes is what we create in terms of economic contribution, jobs, social projects  and more happy people around us. The invisible is the infectious example and culture to share our success with anyone around us and our future generations, the emotion to enjoy what we have created together.  

- My business philosophy in one sentence: One reaches a goal not by hurrying to it but by never stopping and making people follow you.

- The maxim which reflects my outlook on life: Even the longest journey starts with a first step.  

- In order to maintain intensive inner charge, I find a lot of joy in my moments spent with my family and the balance between work and sport.  

- I recommend that we shall not stop dreaming, making plans and make the world around us a better place.  

Corporate profile:

Assarel-Medet JSC is a mining company for copper ores mining and processing which continues developing the mining traditions in the region of Panagyurishte. The company traditionally is   the most significant sponsor in the municipality of Panagyurishte.  Social projects at a total value of more than 150 million BGN have been implemented through a public-private partnership with the Municipality since 2012. The most outstanding among them are the treasure hall for hosting the Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte, Arena Assarel multifunctional sports hall and Uni Hospital General Medical Treatment Facility.  More than 30% of the local revenues come in the municipal budget from Assarel-Medet JSC  and  95% of its 1,200 workers and employees are residents of Panagyurishte and the region. The company is a preferred employer and it is developing its own dual training program in a partnership with the local professional high school. 

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