Everyone Makes Their Own Choice Whether to Be Happy or Not

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The writer Nedyalko Slavov:

Everyone Makes Their Own Choice Whether to Be Happy or Not

Slavov with the 2015 Helicon Award for new Bulgarian fiction for the novel “432 Hertz”

428 ~ 5 мин. четене
Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Nedyalko Slavov is one of the most successful contemporary Bulgarian writers.  He was born and lives in Plovdiv. He is the author of the novels “Piafè”, “The Bell”, “Faustino”, “432 Hertz”, “Portrait of the Poet as a Young Man”, “Vertigo”, the poetry collection “Marble Years”, the plays “Alaska” and “Stock Exchange for Corpses”, the collection “Stories about Philipopolis”. His works are translated into English, German, Russian and Greek.

He has received many awards for his books, including the Bulgarian National Award for Literature - Hristo G. Danov (2011, 2016), the Helikon Award (2015, 2016), The Flower of Helicon Award (2017), the Ivan Nikolov Award, the Plovdiv Award and others.

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