Experience in Design Is Fashionable

It is time for Bulgarians who have proven their professionalism abroad to start building their future in their home country, the designer Lyubomir Valchev appeals

Experience in Design Is Fashionable

Good design always sells, Lyubomir Valchev is convinced

Снимка: EconomyMagazine/Krassimir Svrakov

Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Experience is fashionable - this is the motto of the designer Lyubomir Valchev, founder of the Space Design International company. Because professionalism that has been gained throughout the years allows for a fast and qualitative execution of each assignment given by a client. Good design sells, is a formula that can also be applied to the production of exhibition stands, and they are the main focus of this designer's work.


Lyubomir Valchev has been living in France for more than 30 years now. In 1988 he won a competition at the Nissan de Camondo School of Graphic Design and Interior Architecture in Paris, and this opened a door for him to show his skills. In 1990 he opened a design studio, which he later moved to the Riviera, near Cannes. His first personal assignment is for Lloyd's Insurance Company. His projects include stands for Pierre Cardin, JVC, IBM, Peugeot, VirginMegastore, Cannes, France Telecom, Pret a porter, Harley Davidson, Honda, Rain Bird, Husqvarna, Ferrari and BMW shops in Paris; exhibitions have been organised across Europe, Dubai, the United States and many other places around the world.

To Be Eco

Together with his team, Valchev creates the eco-design of the exhibition stands. After each event, they are dismantled and discarded, but the ingenious Bulgarian chooses materials and creates structures that can be recycled, repaired and used again. The spaces are in different areas and in entirely different locations, and he always adds elements and colours that correspond to the corporate design of the company.  “Creativity means to first be able to realise your ideas and make attractive stands that can have a longer life. It lies even in the ability to show the glamour and the power of companies from the cosmetics to the military industry with the same materials,” the designer explains.

The Secret of Success

Advertising sells and every possible chance should be used to advertise. This creates popularity, shows the benefits, focuses interest and makes people buy, Lyubomir Valchev assures. But even in this business, you have to keep up with the galloping changes.  The Internet has surpassed all expectations too fast, and advertising has become more and more virtual. He even thought the Internet would kill his business in exhibitions. But ... the exhibitions continue to exist because they are the place for producers and traders to meet. There, partners see each other personally and make sure that the products do have good quality. At the same time, the specialists in his area are becoming less in number because virtual advertising is much easier to implement. Contrary to expectations, Space Design International has no site so that their projects are not copied.

Meeting Place

About a year ago in the yard of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria, Lyubomir Valchev opened Space Architecton Gallery - a new space for exhibitions and cultural exchange. Gradually, he and his friends began to give life to it and it became a place for concerts and creative interaction. In the gallery, artists from different fields of art will meet in the future. A curious fact is that the idea for this gallery was born during the exhibition, which Valchev organised in another exhibition space in the spring of 2016. With it, he celebrated his return to Sofia and the opening of his design office. His goal is one day for Space Architecton to turn into a virtual museum of design.

To Be Called a Bulgarian

“It is time for Bulgarians who have proven their professionalism abroad to start building their future in their home country. There are good conditions here that can be improved with joint efforts. I am glad that this summer the climate in Bulgaria is somewhat worse, so that we can appreciate the nature and the riches we have,” the designer says. He works with people from all over the world and globalisation is a fair wind in towards decision to have an office in his native city of Sofia. According to his “barometer”, an upsurge can be felt in Bulgaria, a spiritual renaissance is beginning. People start looking at the traditional values ​​and ideas that have been refracted through the prism of modern times and at forgotten technologies that will bring new added value. Lyubomir Valchev believes that there is a way for Bulgarian production to become synonymous with high quality.

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