If you don’t stop trying, you will succeed

The most successful companies are those that foresee the future and give customers what they never even knew they needed

Tsvetomir Tsankov:

If you don’t stop trying, you will succeed

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Tsvetomir Tsankov is the director of the Electric Water Heaters Business Unit of TESY. He began his career in the company 26 years ago as a consultant and just two months later he was promoted to store manager. He has over 20 years of experience in managing different Sales and Production teams. He was a Production director, a Sales director, and the director of the Heating Business Unit. Today he supervises over 450 people in TESY. Leadership is his way of thinking. He successfully shares his passion for TESY products with every person in the company.

The shift that began this spring is yet another challenge that will make us stronger and more competitive.

In this quickly changing world the business leader is not the person who says “Go forward”, or the one who says “Follow me” , he’s the one who flawlessly recognizes the person in the team who has found the right direction and isn’t afraid to say “Follow them!”, because today it’s him who sees the path to success most clearly.

For me as a leader it is the team spirit that is most important. Trying to do everything yourself is the most surefire way to fail. Satisfaction is found in the hardships that people overcome together and in the successes they share.

My new vision for business development has actually been the same for years and will most likely be the same in the future: “Today we’re going to do things better than yesterday, and tomorrow we’re going to be better than today.”

I discovered warm water in my family and the satisfaction I receive from my job.

The internet of things is heritage that we will leave the next generation, but before that we must finish developing it.

Smarter devices will give people more free time to communicate and love one another.

My formula for a good water heater is: Аlways available, with enough warm water and, if possible, unnoticeable. In TESY we continue to rediscover that every day and will continue to do so, as we believe that things can always be better than they are now.

Innovations are the driver of progress globally, and to the companies with good leaders they are a rocket that can take them to the stars.

From now on, the thing that will give a company the lead will be the company’s skill to foresee the future and give customers what they never even knew they needed.

The mystery of the future is the best thing I can wish for. If I knew what awaited me tomorrow, life would be very boring.

From personal experience I’ve learned that the ability to listen to others is an incredible gift. I’ve never learned anything new from myself.

In my eyes TESY is not just a fairytale that started 26 years ago, but a cocktail of incredible experiences that continue to inspire me.

The most important skill I’ve developed over the years is working with different people, discovering their strong points and giving them the opportunity to develop them further.

The quality that I highly value in others is being ready to learn, evolve and change.

The hardest lesson to learn is somewhere in the future. Past lessons have been learned, but now they’re just history that makes us smile and influences our decisions.

We’ve chosen Shumen as the place to manufacture our electric water heaters, because the idea was born there and the great people that we started everything with are there as well. They’re still there, but we’ve grown. At present our “fans” that dedicate their passion, intelligence and hearts to TESY are spread from the Far East to Latin America.

  Life will become more and more dynamic and challenging and thus, more interesting.

The quote that reflects my views in life: Nothing is impossible. Everything is a matter of how many times you try and each attempt will get you closer to the right decision. If you don’t stop trying, you will succeed.

My days begins with a cup of hot coffee in the company of my wife or my friends.

To keep my spirits high I look for the positive parts of every situation.

I recommend: Believe that everything is possible, but always question whether it’s actually worth it.

Company Profile

In 1993 the Kyurkchievi brothers, Zhechko and Krasen, create the TESY brand and begin manufacturing an electric water heater and an oil radiator. Today the company has representatives in 5 different countries and sells its products in 54 countries on 4 continents with a team of over 800 people. TESY is the third biggest manufacturer of electric water heaters in Europe, producing 1.2 million water heaters annually. The company has patented solutions that provide more warm water to customers and fulfill the highest criteria for energy-efficient devices. The company sets trends in the sector, having given the world an internet-operated electric water heater, which is part of the TESY Cloud family.

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