Nikolay Jeliazov: The best investment is in the people

Anyone who has the necessary knowledge would have the chance to work with us, as long as they are motivated to continuously study and develop in their fields

Nikolay Jeliazov: The best investment is in the people
Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

Nikolay Jeliazov is the Financial Manager at Cargotec Business Services since January 2018 and since September, he is also responsible for the financial management of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association. Nikolay’s professional career began in 2004, and over the years he has gained experience in several international companies with local centers in Bulgaria, such as Unify, Generali, Marsh, and HVB. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Finance from Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski.“ He has specialized in various companies abroad to improve his professional competencies.

- The Finnish origin of our company is a premise for a culture of objectivity and honesty within the organization. Of course this can’t happen with a magic wand, especially in a fast-growing organization like ours. Continuous efforts and time are needed.

- I build my own style of management by learning from more than one person. I try to find the strengths of the people I work with, so that I can "steal" them and apply them in my way of working. I think there are plenty of examples out there – both good and bad - but we don’t have enough time to analyze, understand, select, and then apply what is relevant to us.

- The atmosphere in my department is friendly and positive. Of course there are moments that require us to be serious, but we try to find balance.

- A chance to work at the company would have anyone who really wants to develop in their area, who has a constructive attitude and is ready to put enough effort to gain the necessary knowledge. They also have to be motivated to learn continuously.

- I use the big or the small "ax" when I have no other options, or when all hope is lost, or when I'm on a diet.

- Cargotec's investments in Bulgaria depend on the extent to which we are successfully meeting our goals. We are a relatively young business center and are now trying to build trust within the rest of the organization. If we keep on doing as good, I believe we will expand our business even further in here.

- To me, the best investment is in the people. A mainstream answer, but correct. Building a good team takes a lot of time and resources. Everything begins with a choice and requires constant efforts. It is harder in the beginning, but over time people are getting more self-sufficient. The benefits are also getting bigger - both for the organization and for the employees.

- I chose to work in my homeland because... Actually, I chose to live in my homeland. There are many things I don’t like here, but the ones that keep me here are more. My career in Bulgaria is a consequence of this choice. The good thing is that there are more and more industries in which you can evolve, no matter in which part of the world you are. Creating centers like ours sets new standards for the work environment.

- If I could change anything in Bulgaria, I would change many things. There is no morale in our daily lives, we don’t have the desire and will to fight for justice. I would cut poverty and improve education. I try to support the causes I believe in and, together with my wife and some of our friends, I participate in the "1 Percent Change" association.

- The lessons I remember best, in most of the cases, are related to my failures. For example, in the course of my career, I had some job interviews that didn’t go very well. But after a while, I learnt my lesson and started working on my gaps. It's good that I also had my good moments to balance my inner peace.

- If I start my career now, I would probably have made fewer mistakes, but I would still pursue what I like to do and develop in the field of finance.

- I will always find money for the people and animals I love, as well as for chocolate, books, various electronic gadgets, and running equipment.

Company profile

Cargotec Business Services was established in 2017 with Sofia as the main global hub and a regional hub in the United States. Its aim is to optimise the global business support processes of Cargotec. More than 230 people in Bulgaria provide services in the areas of Finance, HR and Indirect Procurement.

Cargotec enables smarter cargo flow for a better everyday with its leading cargo handling solutions and services. Cargotec's business areas Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor are pioneers in their fields. Through their unique position in ports, at sea and on roads, they optimise global cargo flows and create sustainable customer value. Cargotec's sales in 2017 totalled approximately EUR 3.2 billion and it employs over 11,000 people.

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