Sin cars

Rosen Daskalov established the SIN Cars Company, and since 2012, in Ruse, he has been manufacturing supercars, which he is selling all around the world

Sin cars
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Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

"Everyone who has a dream of a car can make it happen. It is all about organization, will and finances,” claims Rosen Daskalov.  These are not just words, since he is the creator of the Bulgarian supercars and the founder of the SIN Cars Company. Yes, traditions are not what they used to be. New niches are opening where manufactures, who are yet to create their glamorous fame, can find place. If you ask Rosen Daskalov how did it happen that in Bulgaria, where there are no achievements in the automotive industry, there is already a Bulgarian brand with awesome characteristics, you will hear him saying: "Our country was not a big producer of automotive oils either, but at the moment, Prista Oil trades all around the world. A person is as big, as their dreams are."

The Beginning

Rosen Daskalov is a pilot, engineer, designer of sports and racing cars, whose production base is in Ruse. Starting as a kart racer from a very early age, in 1989, he became part of the national team. In 2010, he started organizing karting competitions in Bulgaria. The next step was to create the Sofia Car Motorsport team. It is then that he started looking for the perfect racing car. He changed several cars, but none of them met his criteria. This provoked him to create the perfect model with an impressive looks, a powerful engine and a competitive price.

The Name

When they started looking for a name, they heard on the radio the song "It's a sin” by the Pet Shop Boys. “I have always associated the word "sin” with motor sports, because if you are involved in it, you have almost no time for your family, friends, and hobbies. To own such an automobile is a recognized sin.” Rosen Daskalov founded SIN Cars in 2012, and in 2013, he presented his first prototype - SIN P1.

Nothing Is Impossible

"Bulgarian legislation needs changes that will facilitate the production of sports and racing cars. Of course, their reliability must be guaranteed,” says Rosen Daskalov. He is sure that in the country there are enough proactive people with a vision. It is time to start producing Bulgarian finished products, and put in parts that are produced here and exported. Otherwise, we remain one of the thousand other suppliers that receive only the crumbs.

At an Exhibition

In December 2017, SIN Cars took part in the Performance Racing Industry world exhibition in Indianapolis, where an agreement was reached for the Bulgarian manufacturer to open a car assemble base in the US. At the exhibition, they met customers who were already driving their cars and were extremely satisfied. They received new orders and found new distributors. Now, SIN Cars is preparing for the Geneva Motor Show in March, where it will present its project for a multifunctional car for road or track - SIN S1. The SIN City project for a small city car will be ready for the show in Geneva in 2019. However, for everything that is “Made in Bulgaria” and is sold abroad is of extreme importance that the Bulgaria brand has good reputation.


Rosen Daskalov's ambition is for a Road Safety classes to be introduced in the curriculums of secondary schools, in which children will learn how to drive a bicycle, a moped and a car, how to be correct participants in the road traffic without causing prerequisites for accidents. He is seeking assistance at the highest European level, and his aim is for a European directive for the introduction of such a subject everywhere in the EU to be drafted. At the FIA congress in Vienna, he personally handed over the prepared curriculum to the President Jean Todt, under whose aegis is the Road and Safety program. 

Rosen Daskalov succeeded in showing that when you work hard, the results are not late. He was the winner of the prestigious Mister Economy 2017 award in the Industry category - what better proof that achievements are noticed?