The comfort zone is a very dangerous place

Try to utilize the hard times to make and implement hard decisions

Boyan Byanov:

The comfort zone is a very dangerous place

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Boyan Byanov has been Regional Director CEE at Raisin GmbH since the beginning of 2019, joining this team two years earlier. Prior to that, he held various management positions in the banking sector in Bulgaria and Romania.

Current situation in the world is with high risk and uncertainty because of the Covid-19 crisis, but also of increased optimism due to the slow but steady return to normal of the society and the economy.

Change management means to be ready for times like these, when plans do not matter and it is better to think critically about what makes sense, then trying to adapt old plans to new reality.

At this point, the business leader is a person who communicates hard truths well and has a clear action plan.

To keep the company in a relatively stable condition means never stop developing and moving forward.

My personal experience has shown me that success requires a lot of work, attention to detail and willingness to always overdeliver.

Continuously successful company does not exist. The point is to be successful in key projects and learn from failures.

I strive to keep working, stay focused and do not waste time following the negative news.

The world of money is more accessible for everyone, who finds the right way.

Fintech is just a word, behind which is the ambition to offer much better financial products and services to clients.

Savings is a virtue and shall be taught from childhood.

Investments are natural development of savings and are the way to wealth.

Wealth is easier to be made than preserved and passed to the next generations.

My business recipe for times of crisis: To prepare when things go well, so you can be calm and focused through the hard days.

Life metamorphoses show me that life gives you several opportunities and also tests you, but there is always tomorrow and a new chance.

The lesson the pandemic taught me that almost everything can be done online and the biggest obstacle to digitalization is willingness, not technology or budget.

To all who are now experiencing great difficulties in managing their business, I will say to try to utilize the hard times to make and implement hard decisions

The comfort zone is a very dangerous place in the long run. No pressure, no development.

If I have a magic wand, I would have stopped superhero movies, as you do not need magical power to achieve a lot.

The maxim that is part of my life philosophy: Per asper ad astra ( Latin phrase for Through hardship to the stars). Nothing comes easy, but if you try hard, it can be even better than expected.

My vision for the future: It will be even more digital and connected, though physically distant.

For me, the best money spent is that who makes another person happy, especially my kid.

I recommend everybody to compare to himself before and not to others.

Company Profile

The Berlin based company is operating a unique and innovative marketplace, democratizing the savings and investments market in Europe. Since launch, 7 years ago, the company had raised ~EUR 200 million equity from leading investors, such as Goldman Sachs, PayPal, Index Ventures, Thrive Capital and Ribbit Capital. Its more than 250 000 customers have transmitted EUR 23 billion to its 93 bank partners from 24 countries making Raisin one of the leaders in the European wealth tech space. In April 2019 Raisin acquired its long-term partner bank MHB Bank AG from Frankfurt (rebranded as Raisin Bank), making it one of the few fintech groups having a credit institution.