People are the force that drives the company forward

In order to maintain a cohesive team, you need a common goal to unite everyone

Miglena Ouzunova-Tsekova:

People are the force that drives the company forward
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Tatyana Yavasheva Tatyana Yavasheva

Miglena Uzunova-Tsekova is a Senior Director Human Resources at A1. She has been part of the leadership team of A1 Bulgaria since 2016 and since 2019, she has taken over the administration of the company. She has been in the HR field for 20 years and she has been maintaining the entire activity of people management in the telecommunications company for the last 12 years. In March 2019, she was elected Chairman of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Association For People Management. She has a Masters degree in English Philology from the Sofia University with specialization Mass Communications and a MBA program from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She has specialized in Strategic Human Resource Management at Cornell University in New York, and recently completed a Columbia Business School coaching program in New York.