Business Compass 2018

The year is under the sign of our European Presidency. Businesses have positive expectations

Business Compass 2018
Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

The new 2018 is already flying with tremendous power and while we are making predictions, we will soon see the results themselves.

The year is under the sigh of the country’s key event - the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. Let us not forecast whether it will bring real business benefits beyond the image effect, but let us make everything possible to show the best of Bulgaria and the business opportunities. The chance is here and now, and that is why Economy Magazine has prepared the bilingual edition Successful Companies 2018, through which it presents the best businesses in Bulgaria.

Euro Perspectives

This will be a key year for the absorption of Euro funds and the companies must be active since the main resources will be allocated in 2018. An emphasis is expected to be placed on the public-private partnership, but there are two parties in this process that have to shake hands. The subject of Bulgaria’s entry into the Euro zone remains of interest, and one part of the business sector is convinced of the benefits of joining the currency union, while the other does not see a particular gain at this stage.

We suggest the expectations and forecasts of business leaders from different spheres of economy

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