Consumers and the Key to Them

Creative agency proof. creates a new face for successful advertising communication

Consumers and the Key to Them

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Автор: Tatyana Yavasheva

They brought beer to Vihren Peak and created a video that makes you want go there and taste the iced beer. On the day of love and wine, they sparked an unprecedented interest in the mystery room – a business that is traditionally dead on this holiday. They added mangoes to the burgers and, at the request of the client, wrapped them in paper of love (with positive feedback and a high degree of emotion) or of hatred (with disapproving comments about the campaign, dedicated to the different). They find the right solution and if they say “Yes,” there is not turning back. They love to tell stories and make ads exciting and impactful. Who are they? They are proof.

The Power of Change

proof. is a communications and creative agency that helps brands find adequate solutions for interaction with their consumers. “Advertising is now a communication and a way to have a better dialogue with your clients. Communication is changing dynamically and is not only digital, nor is it only through traditional media. It solves problems and sends messages to the relevant audience,” Angel Iskrev explains. “In our work, it’s important to find out how to solve the problem of each of our clients and how to reach the right audience. Through which channel is a matter of strategy,” Sava Ahmakov explains.


It is difficult to pinpoint the first day of the agency, but this is how it came to be: In 2016, Angel and Sava, together with several other colleagues, started working on a project. Other joint engagements followed in which their professionalism became obvious. In April 2018, Sava set the beginning of proof., and several months later, Angel joined him, both of them becoming co-owners of the company. They are bound together by friendship, which was tested during their work and which turned into a business partnership. “It’s a cliché that you shouldn’t do business with friends. In business, trust is of utmost importance, and if, at one point, friendship dissolves, then it was not real,” Angel assures. He is responsible for the agency to produce only high quality product that is demanded and talked about, those two leading to new clients and orders. Sava is engaged in the current business affairs, in attracting and working with clients. The two managing partners are developing the strategic unit of proof., which few companies can boast with. The expansion continues and the agency has employed more than 13 people, also using external consultants. They strive to have a “set” of completely different people in order to be able to offer the best they can. They attract natural talents from the social media, and the symbiosis with experienced professionals gives a product that differs from all the rest.

How It Works

Most often, they start the communication or find a solution to a particular brand problem through digital media. But successful campaigns can also happen beyond digital channels. A striking example is the graffiti in the villages of Rozovo and Yagodovo, made for their client in addition to his order to have everything online. They shot a video for this attraction, distributed it, and it added more value. “We try to do things that are close to people and we don’t advertise even if one member of the team doesn’t fully approve of it,” Angel and Sava say. Their agency is driven primarily by their digital know-how. The two point out that every ad has to be successful and meet the client’s goals, but not every ad has to be “Wow” in terms of creativity.

Solutions That Are Noticeable

The agency is very young and already has many awards from different competitions. Obviously, this is the result of surprisingly good solutions that are attractive to the target audience. The recommendations of satisfied clients bring them new business and thus the wheel starts spinning faster and faster. The many distinctions are indisputable recognition of their professional achievements, but at proof., they have their own measure of success: “We are not successful yet, we will be successful when we remain on the market and every subsequent campaign is better than the previous one.”

For each new order proof. must find the key to the consumers. If they find it, they will have proof that they will continue their existence.

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