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Hristo Neychev: Each crisis opens new horizons


Catch the wind of change and automate everything that can be done by robots or artificial intelligence

Етикети: business | Hristo Neychev | Crisis | coronavirus

The Big Restart Begins


The economic crisis did not really come unexpected, but found us unprepared for such an ominous scenario

Етикети: economy | forecasts | business | Crisis | COVID-19 | Restart

The new digital reality


The threat to our health has proved to be the healthy accelerator of processes that we would have been, otherwise, slowly approaching

Етикети: business | digitalisation | Crisis | coronavirus

Has the Crisis in the Automotive Industry Started


The year 2019 shows a sharp decline in the demand for new cars. According to experts, in the coming years the industry will get over this crisis completely

Етикети: cars | Crisis | Automotive Industry | Demand

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