A Bulgarian company is one of the biggest investors in USA

In a short amount of time “Huvepharma” has become a leading company across the sea in the Veterinary Medicine Market

St. Louis Plant
St. Louis Plant
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07:08 06.04.2020

Huvepharma” is a global leader in production and distribution of a complete product portfolio for the Veterinary Medicine Market. The company has developed a fully integrated structure that has all the required processes for successful business accolades from its products – Research and Development, Regulatory activity, Production, Marketing and Sales. This structure provides the ability to adapt fast to the constant changes in the Market’s needs.

It operates in more than 100 countries worldwide and has subsidiaries and representative offices in Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, USA, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, India, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Japan, South Africa and Canada. The company owns Production Facilities in Bulgaria, Italy, France and USA.

In a short amount of time the company became a leading player in the Veterinary Medicine Market in USA.

Huvepharma Inc is one of the biggest subsidiaries and has the largest investment in USA. It generates more than 40% of Huvepharma’s global income and operates over 200 million dollars in Assets. The modern production sites are located in the biggest states in the Country: St. Louis, Missouri; Laurinburg, North Carolina; Longmont, Colorado; Van Buren, Arkansas and Lincoln, Nebraska.

This success story begins in 2005 when “Huvepharma” opened its first office in the USA. In 2007 the company acquires one of the plants in “Merial” St. Louis - Missouri, licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and producing a large product portfolio of approved Veterinary-medicine products.

In 2013 the company acquired the enzyme production of “Enzyvia”. This investment in Intellectual property, production and client list enhances the company’s positions on the Enzyme Market not only in US but also in Latin America, South Korea and the Philippines.

In 2014 the company enters the Vaccine market by purchasing production sites and intellectual property of the Vaccine portfolio.

Two years later “Huvepharma” acquired from “Zoetis” three leading plants: Laurinburg - North Carolina, Longmont - Colorado, Van Buren - Arkansas which also benefited in expanding the product range.

In 2018 “Huvepharma” continued with the expansion of its activities by purchasing two new companies: AgriLabs® and T-Hexx® Animal Health, along with their products. This investment widens the research and development processes with its modern R&D complex. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, with leading scientific workers that created the first DNA vaccine, along with its vaccine production facilities. This is the biggest and the most significant investment in the State that provides innovative production, new working places, contributes to improving the business climate and the economic growth for the region.

In 2019 the US Ministry of Agriculture gave “Huvepharma” an exceptional license for experimental vaccine against the swine fever.

To this day the “Huvepharma” plants in USA employ over 200 highly qualified specialists. In the company’s portfolio there are over 150 products of Coccidiostats, Enzymes, Antibiotics, Vaccines and Feed Additives.

The company continues to invest in expanding its production capacities and its Research and Development activity, which is part of the strategy for sustainable growth in the Pharmaceutical sector. “Huvepharma” puts on top priority its activities in Research and Development, working constantly in improving R&D department by implementing the newest equipment and technology in the industry, allowing the company to guarantee its leading positions.

In 2019 the owner of the pharmaceutical company Kiril Domuschiev was honored with the high acknowledgement “Honorary Citizen of Nebraska” by the State Governor. In 2018 the Mayor of St. Louis Lyda Krewson presented the award "Business of the Year" to “Huvepharma” for helping the economic development of the town. At the ceremony were around 1250 business representatives from St. Louis and the state of Missouri.

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