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Anousheh Ansari Who Breaks Stereotypes


Born in Iran, she is a successful technology entrepreneur and the first female cosmic tourist

Етикети: business | Anousheh Ansari | Iran | Space Tourist

Will India Become the New China


The two Asian giants may exchange their position as the driving force of the global economy

Етикети: economy | business | China | India | Development

A Competition in Which Mind and Discipline Win


A bold vision, a winning strategy and a great deal of luck are factors that remain important for business growth in times of constant change

Етикети: business | Growth | Management

Recipies for Sustainable Development


Successful companies find their model for continuous renewal and stability in unforeseen circumstances

Етикети: business | Alcomet | Assarel-Medet JSC | Sustainable Development | Longevity | Eng Delcho Nikolov | Fikret nce | Spiros Nomikos | Solvay Sodi

Business and the media mirror


The Internet made everything accessible with just one click, but information needs to be handled professionally

Етикети: business | Internet | Communications | Media | Liliya Stoyanov | Prof Dr Grigoriy Vazov | Prof Georgi Lozanov

Business at an Ear Distance


Which are the “white swallows” of Bulgarian podcasts

Етикети: business | podcasts | Elenko Elenkov | Vladimir Petkov | Justine Toms | Georgi Nenov

Let’s Sell, but How


Long-term customer relationships are based on honesty and trust, otherwise loyalty is not sustainable

Етикети: business | Trade | sales | Rumen Arsenov

Business from Mothers for Mothers


The online environment has provided new opportunities for development of entrepreneurship in this niche

Етикети: business | mothers | niche | Iva Dyankova | Krasimira Hadzhiivanova | Elisaveta Belobradova | Hristina Lisnik | Denitsa Gospodinova | Tsveti Daskalova

The Uneven Race with the Big Four


In the global change, every small company should decide whether to stay in the shallows or to try to dive into the deep

Етикети: Google | apple | facebook | Amazon | business | Big Four

When you feel like you cannot go any further, don’t stop but speed up


The trace I would like to leave behind: every person, project or place which I have touched upon to become slightly better than before

Етикети: business | leader | Svetlana Prodanova | BNI Bulgaria

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