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Lion Cubs in Entrepreneurship


Student entrepreneurs solve real life problems with the support of mentors from the real economy

Етикети: business | startup | entrepreneurship | Teenovator

A Small Business with Zeolite from the Rhodopes


Slavi and Ivanka Slavov are developing innovative products with the help of Bulgarian scientists and experts

Етикети: business | Zeolite | Slavi Slavov | Ivanka Slavova | Farer

Is There Life after Business Failures


Bulgarian economic environment and legislation do not promote the trial-error method as a way to successful entrepreneurship

Етикети: business | Hristo Neychev | Failure | Success | Hristo Petrov | Dobromir Ivanov

We should think long-term about the development of the industrial zones


The National Company Industrial Zones is an operational mechanism for attracting investments

Етикети: business | Antoaneta Bares | National Company Industrial Zones | Industrial Zones

We Want to Create an Academy for Qualified Tourism Specialists


We have been investing attention and care for our clients and employees for 20 years now

Етикети: business | tourism | Boyana Sharlopova | Eva Sharlopova | Sharlopov Group

The Unexplored Waters of Entrepreneurship in Varna


The city does not have a developed environment for innovation and enough incentives for start-ups yet

Етикети: business | entrepreneurship | Regions | Varna | Arman Sarkisyan | Silvia Stumpf

Anousheh Ansari Who Breaks Stereotypes


Born in Iran, she is a successful technology entrepreneur and the first female cosmic tourist

Етикети: business | Anousheh Ansari | Iran | Space Tourist

Will India Become the New China


The two Asian giants may exchange their position as the driving force of the global economy

Етикети: economy | business | China | India | Development

A Competition in Which Mind and Discipline Win


A bold vision, a winning strategy and a great deal of luck are factors that remain important for business growth in times of constant change

Етикети: business | Growth | Management

Recipies for Sustainable Development


Successful companies find their model for continuous renewal and stability in unforeseen circumstances

Етикети: business | Alcomet | Assarel-Medet JSC | Sustainable Development | Longevity | Eng Delcho Nikolov | Fikret nce | Spiros Nomikos | Solvay Sodi

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