The New Driving Force for Business

The care for the customer experience is measured by more customers, loyal consumers and market leadership

The New Driving Force for Business
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Автор: Yana Koleva
Maybe you have also entered a shop in search of something small, and you ended up spending a fortune there. And probably you have also told yourself: “I will never shop here again!”

Emotion Dictates

Customers are not shopping machines, they have emotions. Shopping is an experience, and everyone who finds the customer important, pays attention to their experience. Studies have even shown that in the battle for more customers, the “customer experience” factor is the primary thing that distinguishes traders from their competitors. What is more, when products and services are created, they must be modelled according to the emotions they evoke in their users.


As a factor, customer experience is already more important than price, and even the product itself. That is why everybody who is involved in trade should be aware that today; it is the main driving force for business. While shopping, what is important to consumers is not only the better price, ease and convenience of shopping, but positive emotions also play a decisive role.

By Word of Mouth

Every business provides some kind of experience to its consumers; whether it will be positive, negative, stressful or pleasurable, depends on whether the company cares for the pleasant feelings of its customers, or has left this factor to chance. The benefits to those who place it in the focus of their attention are measured by more customers, loyal consumers and market leadership. The word-of-mouth advertising starts from the good customer experience, and bad experience can lead to a business collapse.

Digital Opportunities

We have entered the digital age, which significantly increases the opportunities for better commercial service. Combining online and offline channels is a must-have prerequisite for higher business success. Today, not everyone goes to the shop for everything they need. Online commerce is gaining momentum, and that is why a good merchant should find a way to show up on our computer and in our smartphone. Besides, it’s a matter of creativity on his part to reach the hearts of consumers to get even deeper into their pockets. It is a skill to sell not only products, goods and services, but also dreams.

After all, customer care is a care for the business itself.