Emotions with Katarzyna Estate

This summer aromatic and sparkling wine with fruity flavours, rosé, as well as chilled red bio wines will be trending

Emotions with Katarzyna Estate
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Автор: Toni Grigorova

Wine is an emotion. It must be made with love and consumed with love, says Tsvetelina Nikolova, Managing Director of Katarzyna Estate.

Summer 2018

The tendency is for the wine to have a less pronounced scent of oak. Emphasis is put on wines with fruity flavours and natural aromas of lower alcoholic strength. Among the new offerings is the white wine "Le Blanc" by Katarzyna Estate. However, the rosé continues to increase its share in Bulgaria unlike white wine, and this summer, it will remain at the centre of attention. A top beverage in the hot months will be the chilled red wine. A new product in Katarzyna's summer offers is a sparkling wine made from a single grape variety. There is no tradition in the production of such wines in Bulgaria and people are not used to drinking champagne beverages. In search of pleasant surprises for its clients, the company noticed this niche and decided that the time for champagne drinks had come. Bio-production is also an important segment from the overall production of Katarzyna Estate. The company has 1,000 decares of wine grape crops grown by organic methods. There are three new red bio varieties on the market in the middle price class.

Fashion in Drinking Wine

There is also fashion in wine, but it is difficult to talk about global world trends, as each country has a different taste, style, clients. However, there is a shift in the trend over a certain period of time. Now, there is an interest in single grape variety wines and local varieties, such as Mavrud and Rubin ​​in Bulgaria. To meet the preferences of the Bulgarian customers, we produced the CHEVAL by KATARZYNA ESTATE series of single grape variety wines, says Tsvetelina Nikolova.


The Change

Usually, the wind of change comes from the winemakers and Katarzyna's practice is to educate its clients. "We are brave, introduce new products and teach our customers about them. In 2016, we created HIRONDELLE Sauvignon Blanc and PIVERT Chardonnay. Last summer, they did not receive the expected attention, as the fans of our cellar continued to look for the tastes that were familiar to them. We trained them patiently and I was convinced they would mature for the new taste,” shares the Managing Director of Katarzyna Estate. Indeed - this spring, these new wines are demanded and their sales start to rise sharply.

Wine Culture

Wine-production is a good tradition that has to be constantly developed, while building a close relationship with customers. Katarzyna Estate believes that if all wine producers work with their clients, wine culture in Bulgaria will grow tangibly - people have to understand what wine is, how to drink it, and why to share it with friends. Wine is a style; it should be consumed in  good company in a pleasant environment. It can go hand in hand with art and look for a close relationship with people. Katarzyna Estate has a social and cultural program related to its artistic series - Contemplations. It organises special art events related to drawing, painting exhibitions, photo contests.

In Katarzyna Estate, they believe that in the era of globalization good wine talks to the world about Bulgaria in its own way. The company knows the market well and strives to be among the "legislators" of the fashion to drink wine made with love.

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