Cybersecurity Is a Path You Have to Follow for a Long Time

Security breaches happen mostly because of the lack of knowledge of those who are being attacked

Vihren Slavchev, CEO of Mnemonika:

Cybersecurity Is a Path You Have to Follow for a Long Time
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Автор: Toni Grigorova

After the success of the first edition of Sofia CyberSec, the next event is about to take place again in Sofia Tech Park. The conference will gather experts, but also a wider audience, interested in the latest developments in information security and protection. The ambition of the organizers – Digital National Alliance, Economy Magazine and the economic portal – is to make Sofia CyberSec a forum for thinking people, concerned about a more secure future in the age of the accelerating digitalisation. Mnemonka is among the partners of the conference.

Information is the new gold. It is much lighter, it is everywhere, and is much more difficult to protect than precious metals. Those who have realized its high value are seeking methods to protect it. Therefore, security companies are becoming more and more relevant.

Mnemonika has been on the Bulgarian market for 11 years now. At the beginning, it was just a systems integrator involved in the sales of hardware, software, and related services. But one of the biggest manufacturers we worked with owned a cybersecurity company, and about 7-8 years ago, we started to get interested in the topic, to read and train our employees. And when the time had come, we were prepared, though we didn’t expect it to take place so soon.

Full guarantee is not possible and we cannot ensure security, but we do have a key set of protection resources. Cybersecurity is not one product or a service, but a complete system. We can recommend you the necessary set of protection resources to help ensure a more secure existence.

Misconceptions: Many think security breaches happen because of viruses, a malicious code or phishing e-mails. The problem, however, is in the human factor, without the need for people to be malicious. It can occur when they are not well trained and make mistakes by accident.

Social engineering is one of the main causes of security breaches. People who want to get some kind of information first study the subject of attack very carefully – they watch their habits and are interested in what they do in their everyday life, so that they can create the right phishing e-mail that may seem familiar. They will then send a piece of fake information and encourage the person to click on it and provide their username and password. The preparation of a cyber-attack takes from 3 to 9 months. Then, the instrument is created. And the key here is the lack of preparation of those who are going to be attacked.

Data protection is not a one-off process, but is a path that must be constantly followed. Security measures must also be modified. Each company is responsible for the training; it must create the resources and habits of its employees that they can use and observe. People at key positions in organizations should be paid special attention and provided with more specialized training. If the breach takes place through them, the damage to the business can be much greater.

Sofia CyberSec 2020 has the task of opening wide the eyes of people, companies, and the administration to the dangers and their counteraction.