The river of talent

In the labyrinth of the “matrix” there is also a way for development of individual talents

The river of talent
Автор: Yana Koleva
The Amazon, the biggest river in the world, has once flowed in the opposite direction - from east to west. The reversal of its water flow is unusual, and geologists are looking for an explanation of this colossal change. Talent is also like the river, as if moved by a mysterious force. However, it is up to us whether we will make a way for it.

Conditions for Success

Talent is a word that is mentioned more and more often. It turned into a synonym for qualified people, and this is why it is constantly talk about the need of talent in order for the business to develop. Every company aims at attracting the best, because talent is what its success depends on. But what is talent? It is believed that it is the inherent capabilities and skills that require efforts in order to develop. There are always hindrances and trials, doubts and hesitation, and only the biggest talent succeeds in reaching its maximum despite everything. Even in the most unfavourable circumstances, its finds a place to grow. 


It is widely believed that talent is part of our genetic code and a gift from God. Researches have shown that every person has some kind of skills, and the extent of their advance depends on the personal commitment for the development of these gifts. The efforts pay off. It is no accident that talent was a weight measurement used in ancient times. In the New Testament, talent is a term for a great amount of money. Today, the developed talent is a real treasure that can also bring money.

Creator or Consumer

At the time of high technological achievements, every day, we fly on a high-speed track and compete with ourselves. Absorbed in our daily tasks, we lose the real meaning, and we get into a vicious circle, where, every day, we chase the "tail of the day. And we give all our time and energy to be in the "matrix". Before we know it, we get used to being rushed by life, and we forget that our talent is what make us different. We nurture the consumer in ourselves, but we do not feed the creator in us.

The Spark

Inspiration is important when it comes to talent development. A great artist, person, or a business leader can light the fire in us for our whole life. There are emotions, which can challenge us to mobilize all our resources in order to show our talent. This is the spark that can open doors to our hidden potential, and if we give it life, it will reward us. When we are full of positivism, through the effect of the mirror, the world will help us fulfil our good intentions. 

Talent has value only when it gives value to people.

Are the Efforts Worth It

Talent development needs motivation and dedication. Some time ago, a study showed that not only inherent abilities, but also emotional involvement is what gives us the strength to go upwards. More than 150 university music students were ask how long do they intend to play on their instrument. Those who planned to do it throughout their whole life showed four times better results than the others, although the time for exercise was the same for all. The conclusion is that talent needs passion and inspiration in order to develop. Still, we must point out that the necessary condition is to have enough talent. Probably, the greater part of the university students who have decided not to turn the instrument in their companion, have sensed that the talent of the others is bigger than theirs, and the greatest effort will not take them to the top, if the divine spark is missing.
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