Автор: Yana Koleva

Are We Going to Crawl or Fly

2020-02-19 07:09:00

The successful realization of innovations also depends on who and how finances them

We Make the Changes Before the Necessity for Them Actually Arises

2020-02-19 07:04:00

Consumer surveys reveal to us future trends and unaddressed market niches

One Day in Pirot

2020-02-10 07:00:00

A close destination that tourists choose because of the combination of historical sites, natural ...

The Entrepreneur and the Philosophy of Natural Health

2020-02-03 07:04:00

Ivan Lesev does not stop experimenting and creating new products and productions. Gabrovo remains ...

The Wonderful World of Science

2020-01-27 07:04:00

Yavor Kiryakov has the ambitions for the University for Children to prepare talents who will design ...

A Small Business with Zeolite from the Rhodopes

2020-01-20 07:00:00

Slavi and Ivanka Slavov are developing innovative products with the help of Bulgarian scientists ...

BORICA has a new role: A payment institution

2020-01-06 07:04:00

Our project with the National Revenue Agency made it possible for an obligation to be considered ...

Change is the Only Invariable

2019-12-30 07:07:00

In order to have satisfied customers, you need to work with satisfied employees

The New Six from the Accelerator of CleanTech Bulgaria

2019-12-30 07:01:00

The young entrepreneurs are developing innovative technologies, offering environmentally friendly ...

Free Competition and Faded Illusions

2019-12-23 08:24:00

Mastodons live affluently in a time of a single market created by globalization and digital ...

From the Herb to the Pill

2019-11-18 07:00:00

Innovations will be the way to new markets for Bulgarian companies, assure scientists from Sofia ...

Attention! Trade secret

2019-11-04 07:07:00

In the race for supremacy and bigger market share, not all means are allowed

Saving Is a Way of Thinking

2019-10-28 07:04:00

People tend to invest if they see an opportunity that gives them the desired combination of risk, ...

Family Business with a Scent of Roses and Lavender

2019-10-28 07:00:00

Change is made by taking action, Vasil Ralchev believes. He returned from England to fulfil his ...

There is a Good Return on Investments in Education and Training

2019-10-21 07:04:00

In times of dynamic technological changes, the one who is well-orientated in the situation and ...

Where Do the Most Qualified Specialists Go

2019-06-24 05:27:00

In search of better opportunities, Bulgaria is also a place where an incredible career can be made

CRISTA, or Making Climate Change CRISTAl Clear

2019-06-17 07:00:00

The ambitious company will help insurance risk engineering stop working in the dark

Insurance Is Trust in Advance

2019-06-10 07:02:00

Insurance is one of the cheapest things that a person can buy, but we often think of it too late

On the Day When Machines Will Be Smarter than Us

2019-05-20 07:05:00

In Bulgaria, there is no targeted funding for R&D in the area of artificial intelligence and robots

Let’s Sell, but How

2019-05-13 10:58:00

Long-term customer relationships are based on honesty and trust, otherwise loyalty is not ...

Technology Comes After There Is a Demand for It

2019-05-13 10:49:00

Let us together make Bulgaria a recognizable place where high-tech products and services are created

Internet Affects Memory and Thinking

2019-05-06 08:06:00

Digital division among people has begun. But will gaining more external memory with faster access ...

The New Driving Force for Business

2019-03-18 07:05:00

The care for the customer experience is measured by more customers, loyal consumers and market ...

Bees - Barometer of Ecological Imbalance

2019-03-11 07:01:00

Care for the development of bee-keeping will be a small curtsey to preserving harmony in nature

The Place, Chosen for Us by a Saint

2019-03-04 11:55:00

The St. Petka Paraskeva Klisura monastery near Bankya is renovated and well maintained, and that is ...

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