From the Paint to the Wall and Beyond

ESCREO has found a successful model for creating innovative products

From the Paint to the Wall and Beyond

An innovative product that the clients need is easier to sell, say Iskren Mitev, Elena Nikolova and Yasen Rusev (on the right)

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Every plan, idea and dream needs a wall, claim the founders of ESCREO (Lat. – “you create”). This innovative company started with the paint that has left writing boards in the past, but it didn’t stop there.


Elena Nikolova, Yasen Rusev and Iskren Mitev met during a training in entrepreneurship in the US. It was there that they felt the urge to do business together. ESCREO has been operating for 5 years now, and to their main product – paint that has revolutionized the attitude towards wall writing, they have added new solutions to more acute problems in the office. One of them is background noise. And as a response, ESCREO offers movable barriers with high sound absorption coefficient. The acoustic panels combine design and functionality. They called them ESCREO Go because they offer several options in one: writing, acoustics, mobility and a barrier. Through them, the workspace becomes a dynamic environment with maximum comfort. They are made of recycled materials and are completely recyclable.

Where to

The three co-founders are an incredibly good combination. Yasen is obviously the captain of the ship, he directs sales and partnerships, marketing is Elena’s strength, and Iskren is responsible for products, logistics and online sales. ESCREO is developing and focusing on creative solutions for the modern office. Yet, how do they manage to sail the high seas when storms constantly rock the boat? “We are good communicators. We work closely with our clients and partners and find problems that we can help them solve. When you manage to understand what the market is looking for and connect with the right people to produce it, you get a good synergy,” Yasen Rusev explains. And one more thing, they have set their standard in interacting with partners, suppliers and clients: they inspire enthusiasm and always leave everyone with a good impression.

The founders of ESCREO love creating innovative products and look for opportunities to realize them. They are positioned in Bulgaria and Romania and have an online presence in the UK, USA and some countries in Asia. Their name obliges them to always go on.

Steps in Innovation

Elena Nikolova, Yasen Rusev and Iskren Mitev advise: 

  1. The most important thing is the team. Surround yourself with the right people.
  2. Every beginning is difficult, have faith and patience.
  3. Focus on what you have and use it in the best way possible.
  4. If it’s easy, it’s not interesting! There will be a lot of stress and sleepless nights, but difficulties should not make you give up.
  5. The balance between having a great deal of knowledge about very small details of your business is important, but at the same time you need to keep track of the big picture, which is the market. With a fanatical focus on certain details, you need to be able to find your place on the market.
  6. The right steps start with the right questions. Sometimes the path to the right questions goes first through the right answers.
  7. Make small experiments that don’t cost much and optimize your products, advertising, resources. And most importantly: Act!
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