Train to Be Successful

The Body Drive system improves the health status and life prospects

Train to Be Successful

The Body Drive exercise system affects the health, but also the whole life of the person, Andrei Makritsa assures

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Автор: Yana Koleva

The desire to deal with his health problem changed the life of Andrey Makritsa. For years, he has been an entrepreneur and has gone through many businesses, and now, he is a trainer and a consultant who helps people and organizations to become more successful through the Body Drive system developed by him.

For nearly 20 years now, Andrey Makritsa has been focused on creating

vital technologies

- how to restore our health and get in shape, to free ourselves from fears and negative emotions, to improve our relationships with people, to be successful in our job, to plan our future... A simple and easy-to-apply system, which, however, leads to fast and long-lasting results.

He tried many methods to restore his health, but they only had a temporary effect. Then, he decided to find a sustainable solution and realized that without working with your body, the various technologies for a healthy life had a low efficiency coefficient. He was convinced that the physiology affected the psyche; each health problem had its influence and the body adjusted according to the disease. He started studying the works of well-known scientists in psychophysiology, and thus realised that the brain reacted to fantasies and imagination as if they were a real event, which directly affected the processes in the body. In his own way, he also came to the conclusion that

breathing and movement

were important for a quality life, along with pleasant emotions and positive thoughts. All these affect the health, but also the whole life of the person. The Body Drive system combines physical and respiratory exercises – the strenuous movements provoke cleansing and recovery processes, and the accompanying breathing exercises eliminate stress and improve blood circulation.

Our family and society impose on us rules for behaviour and way of life. By the age of 4, children are natural, know what they want, and find a way to achieve it. Adults, however, do what they are supposed to do and get used to living in paralysing self-limitations. Andrey Makritsa has developed a technology for relieving ourselves from the dependence of the “must” and breaking out of the rigid norms. Through it, you can regain your individuality and control over your own selves; unleash your vital and creative potential.

All systems in our body are


and if the work of one organ is deteriorated, it affects the whole organism. If the spine is out of order, health starts to progressively decline. Joint pain becomes a constant problem. He got the impression that after failing to restore their health, many people fall into despair. Body Drive is a technique through which you can successfully manage your health and life. Many entrepreneurs and managers share that after going through a 10-day program under his guidance and continuing it individually after that, their business started growing. They become lively, positive, think and act more quickly, which has a good effect on their clients and partners, but also on their financial results, the trainer explains.

To train is an effort, but with the system of Andrey Makritsa, you will feel a fresh tonus and energy for action, assures everyone who has applied it. It is worth trying.

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