Telecommunications Move Faster Than Even FMCG

A1 has the largest market share among the corporate clients

Alexander Dimitrov, Mr. Economy 2018:

Telecommunications Move Faster Than Even FMCG

Alexander Dimitrov is Chief Executive Officer of A1 Bulgaria. He has over 15 years’ experience in telecommunications

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The Mr. Economy award is important for A1, because 2018 was the year we successfully rebranded our company. This rebranding was not just a name change, we made numerous changes in the way we work, we introduced many new high-tech products, which were not available in Bulgaria until then. We focused even more towards our clients, because today they are every company’s most important asset.

The award is a recognition for the work we have done in the interest of all our 5 million clients, who we service 24/7. I believe that we offer the best services on the market. Our clients feel that and it is reflected in our financial results.

A1 has the largest market share among the corporate clients, who consist of both entrepreneurs and SMEs, as well as big companies and corporations, ministries and municipalities. At the moment every organization is trying to become more digital and we are among the most suitable partners to help them in their efforts to become more modern and competitive.

No one can say exactly how the telecom of the future will look like, because our business changes extremely fast. Telecommunications move faster than even FMCG. 20 years ago nobody believed that technologies will advance as fast as they did and I believe that even the bravest futurist can’t predict how our business will look 20 years in the future. Surely technologies, AI and robotization will play an important part of people’s lives, but let’s hope that despite the advent of the new technologies we will be able to keep what makes us human.

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