Anousheh Ansari Who Breaks Stereotypes

07:01 15.07.2019

Born in Iran, she is a successful technology entrepreneur and the first female cosmic tourist


Video-Game Millionaires

07:01 08.07.2019

Who are the richest professional gamers, how big is their fortune and how do they earn their money

Етикети: Video-Game Millionaires | Gaming | Ivan MinDContRoL Ivanov | Dota 2 | Team Liquid

Why Are Electric Vehicles So Expensive

10:25 01.07.2019

The reason is not just the price of lithium-ion batteries

Етикети: Price | electric cars | electric drive | e-car

The Fastest “Unicorns”

05:21 24.06.2019

Which technology companies have reached a value of USD 1 billion in the shortest time

Етикети: Essential | startups | Bird | unicorns | Desktop Metal | Letgo

CRISTA, or Making Climate Change CRISTAl Clear

07:00 17.06.2019

The ambitious company will help insurance risk engineering stop working in the dark

Етикети: Cleantech Bulgaria | startup | Climate-KIC | CRISTA | climate change | Monika Manolova | Vladislav Trenkin

Crowdfunding - a Game for Advanced Players

07:00 10.06.2019

Bulgarian entrepreneurs share the lessons learned from the use of the platforms

Етикети: Neven Boyanov | Crowdfunding | Tinosaur | Elena Rapondzhieva | Zmey Studio | Halfbike | Martin Angelov | Kolelinia

Regional Entrepreneurial Discoveries Are Ahead of Us

10:10 03.06.2019

Ruse, Burgas and Vratsa make confident first steps in innovation

Етикети: Business Regional Entrepreneurahip | Emiliyan Kadiyski | Arch Emil Burulyanov | Nikola Ilchev

Economy Stores the Valuable Lessons

07:01 27.05.2019

Like a time machine, the old issues of the magazine take us back to lessons, which are good to remember

Етикети: Economy Magazine | 30 Years | Anniversary | Vasil Kanev | Mister Economy

Business at an Ear Distance

07:01 20.05.2019

Which are the “white swallows” of Bulgarian podcasts

Етикети: business | podcasts | Elenko Elenkov | Vladimir Petkov | Justine Toms | Georgi Nenov

Business from Mothers for Mothers

10:40 13.05.2019

The online environment has provided new opportunities for development of entrepreneurship in this niche

Етикети: business | mothers | niche | Iva Dyankova | Krasimira Hadzhiivanova | Elisaveta Belobradova | Hristina Lisnik | Denitsa Gospodinova | Tsveti Daskalova

Cars - an Easy Target for Cyberattacks

08:04 06.05.2019

A physical theft of a car is no longer such a threat as is the hacking of personal data

Етикети: cars | Cyber Security | Cyberattacks

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