The picturesque village of Milford on Sea

07:01 10.08.2018

One of the very few remaining seaside villages in Hampshire offers breathtaking views and a variety of recreational opportunities


The Bulgarian Application Civi Solves Urban Problems in California

07:01 23.07.2018

Novanor received USD 10 million from an American investment fund to develop a platform for sending reports from citizens to institutions

Етикети: Civi | application | Novanor | Civi app | Martin Dimitrov | Lilyana Deyanova startup

Lexis – the Entrepreneurs from the University

07:01 09.07.2018

Four students won a technological competition with their software for automated responses to customer inquiries

Етикети: Bilyal Mestanov | Emil Kirilov | Deyan Denchev | Milush Karadimov Lexis startup

Emotions with Katarzyna Estate

07:01 02.07.2018

This summer aromatic and sparkling wine with fruity flavours, rosé, as well as chilled red bio wines will be trending

Етикети: KATARZYNA ESTATE | wine | Tsvetelina Nikolova

Awaiting the First Trillionaire

07:01 18.06.2018

Which is the industry that will first generate a 13-digit personal wealth

Етикети: Trillionaire | Wealth

Marc Andreessen - the Man Who Changed the World of Technology

07:01 11.06.2018

The developer and entrepreneur who is responsible for imposing some of the most widely used online services, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Етикети: technology | entrepreneur | Andreessen Horowitz | Marc Andreessen | developer

Strange Ideas for Millions

07:01 04.06.2018

In fact, around us there are many examples of business ventures where nothing was invested at the early stage and they still managed to develop well

Етикети: Airbnb | Cards Against Humanity | Craigslist | strange ideas | millions | Alex Tew | Sheridan Simove | Mark Radcliffe | Brian Chesky | Craig Newmark

Acquisition Games

07:01 23.05.2018

Giants, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook have been actively buying smaller and promising digital services in recent years

Етикети: Microsoft | Google | facebook | Amazon | skype | Youtube | Whatsapp | Instagram | Acquisitionq Tech companies | startups

Information Is the Fuel of the Future

07:07 14.05.2018

Users expect us to provide them with an easy and convenient way for using online services at the maximum level of security

Етикети: technology | pCloud | Tunio Zafer | syber security

Blockchain or War of the Worlds

02:56 08.05.2018

Only time will tell whether the new technology will change the organization of businesses and society

Етикети: Bitcoin | Blockchain | crypto currencies

Ideas Are Running Ever Faster

07:05 30.04.2018

New "harvest" of entrepreneurs is emerging that makes ever-larger technological innovations at an ever-younger age

Етикети: Innovation | idea | entrepreneurship

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