A Small Business with Zeolite from the Rhodopes

07:00 20.01.2020

Slavi and Ivanka Slavov are developing innovative products with the help of Bulgarian scientists and experts


The Old Capital with New Opportunities

07:00 13.01.2020

Digital transformation is reviving entrepreneurship in Veliko Tarnovo

Етикети: entrepreneurship | Veliko Tarnovo | Pavel Donchev | Milen Georgiev

Ever Smarter Talks

07:00 06.01.2020

After 22 years in the hospitality industry, Elitsa Stoilova created the first chatbot agency, UMNI, and entered the Accelerator of Change

Етикети: Umni | Elitsa Stoilova | chatbot agency

The New Six from the Accelerator of CleanTech Bulgaria

07:01 30.12.2019

The young entrepreneurs are developing innovative technologies, offering environmentally friendly solutions and finding new market niches

Етикети: NASEKOMO | Cleantech Bulgaria | BioMyc | Accelerator | OS Implants | ENova H2O | GridMetrics | ReUseApp

Telecom transformation: A1 enters the ICT sector with new business solutions

08:15 23.12.2019

The transformation of A1 from offering traditional telco services to significant player on the Information and communications technology (ICT) market contributes for good financial results of the company, says Ivan Ivanov

Етикети: A1 | telecom | Ivan Ivanov | transformation | ICT sector | business solutions

We should think long-term about the development of the industrial zones

07:00 16.12.2019

The National Company Industrial Zones is an operational mechanism for attracting investments

Етикети: business | Antoaneta Bares | National Company Industrial Zones | Industrial Zones

AMGEN Invests 20% of its Annual Turnover in Scie and New Medicines

07:00 09.12.2019

Every effort that benefits patients and addresses unmet medical needs is a step forward

Етикети: Biotechnology | AMGEN | Dr Krasimira Chemishanksa | Pharmacy

The Wealth of Waygoer

07:00 25.11.2019

Travelling is my way of seeing how the world is made and better understanding people, life and myself, Kiril Svrakov says

Етикети: travel | Kiril Svrakov | Photographer | Waygoer

From the Herb to the Pill

07:00 18.11.2019

Innovations will be the way to new markets for Bulgarian companies, assure scientists from Sofia Tech Park and open the doors of four laboratories in which high-level developments are being made

Етикети: Innovations | Sofia Tech Park | Laboratory

Time Optimization Methods

07:01 11.11.2019

They help us deal with our daily tasks more efficiently

Етикети: Time | Optimization | Methods

The Rise of Children’s Books

07:00 04.11.2019

Bulgarian authors of contemporary children’s literature make a breakthrough on the online market, at readings and fairs

Етикети: Books | Children | Publishing

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