A knowledge that makes the administrative work easier

07:08 23.04.2018

Three entrepreneurs founded the artificial intelligence company HyperScience, with offices based in New York and Sofia


The Blockchain Pipe Dream

07:06 16.04.2018

Predictions that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will fail typically elicit a broader defense of the underlying blockchain technology

Етикети: Blockchain | Project Syndicate | Nouriel Roubini | Preston Byrne

How IT Threatens Democracy

07:51 09.04.2018

Whether or not new international norms are necessary, we should be careful that in seeking to curb the excesses, we do not jeopardize the fundamental right to freedom of expression

Етикети: IT | Project Syndicate | democraci | social networks | regulation | Kofi A Annan


07:05 02.04.2018

Or why digitalization in Bulgaria is "loading" so slowly

Етикети: IT | digitization | e-governance | Dr Todor Galev

The Golden Age of Digital Economy

07:02 23.03.2018

Digital technologies are no longer an addition to every business, they are the business and the economy itself

Етикети: digitak economy | digitalisation | technologies

Amber success

07:07 12.03.2018

Amber Technology received the Innovative Start-Up Enterprise award for 2017

Етикети: Amber Technology | Teodor Dimitrov | Tatyana Bakalova | Innovative Start-Up Enterprise award for 2017

Krasimir Dachev: If we change our thinking, we change reality

07:50 05.03.2018

We can oppose the almighty bureaucracy only by ruling out the possibility of meeting face to face

Етикети: Krasimir Dachev | Metal Technology Group - Angel Balevski Holding AD | Svilosa AD | visionary

The Solidarity Economy

07:48 05.03.2018

A number of social initiatives - from cooperatives through alternative currencies to open-source software - lead to social and economic transformation

Етикети: Mondragon Social Corporation | solidarity economy

Sin cars

07:08 26.02.2018

Rosen Daskalov established the SIN Cars Company, and since 2012, in Ruse, he has been manufacturing supercars, which he is selling all around the world

Етикети: Rosen Daskalov | SIN Cars Company

Automotive industry - the next big success of Bulgarian economy

07:08 19.02.2018

Although the sector has experienced significant growth in turnover, employment and value added, it remains a modest innovator according to the Innovation.bg annual report

Етикети: Innovations | Automotive sector

The Global Economy’s Risky Recovery

07:02 12.02.2018

In short, as the advanced economies’ post-2008 recession fades into the distant past, global prospects for 2018 look a little better than in 2017

Етикети: eu | Joseph E Stiglitz | global economy | recovery | USA | Donald Trump