Time Optimization Methods

07:01 11.11.2019

They help us deal with our daily tasks more efficiently


The Rise of Children’s Books

07:00 04.11.2019

Bulgarian authors of contemporary children’s literature make a breakthrough on the online market, at readings and fairs

Етикети: Books | Children | Publishing

Family Business with a Scent of Roses and Lavender

07:00 28.10.2019

Change is made by taking action, Vasil Ralchev believes. He returned from England to fulfil his Bulgarian dream

Етикети: Vasil Ralchev | Rose | Lavender

The Unexplored Waters of Entrepreneurship in Varna

07:01 21.10.2019

The city does not have a developed environment for innovation and enough incentives for start-ups yet

Етикети: business | entrepreneurship | Regions | Varna | Arman Sarkisyan | Silvia Stumpf

Bulgarian Creators of New Industries

07:01 14.10.2019

The story of three entrepreneurs who started entirely new economic segments in Bulgaria

Етикети: Svetlin Nakov | creators | Industries | Raycho Raychev | Aleksandar Grozdanov

Has the Crisis in the Automotive Industry Started

07:00 02.10.2019

The year 2019 shows a sharp decline in the demand for new cars. According to experts, in the coming years the industry will get over this crisis completely

Етикети: cars | Crisis | Automotive Industry | Demand

The Majestic Life of Metal

10:41 29.07.2019

Each piece of work has its own destiny, which the author cannot influence after it leaves their workshop, says Academician Krum Damianov

Етикети: art | Gallery | Academician Krum Damianov | Sculpture

Košice – Slovakia’s Jewel of the East

07:00 22.07.2019

The city is home to the largest cathedral, the most palaces and the best street art scene in the country

Етикети: tourism | journey | Koice | Slovakia

Anousheh Ansari Who Breaks Stereotypes

07:01 15.07.2019

Born in Iran, she is a successful technology entrepreneur and the first female cosmic tourist

Етикети: business | Anousheh Ansari | Iran | Space Tourist

Video-Game Millionaires

07:01 08.07.2019

Who are the richest professional gamers, how big is their fortune and how do they earn their money

Етикети: Video-Game Millionaires | Gaming | Ivan MinDContRoL Ivanov | Dota 2 | Team Liquid

Why Are Electric Vehicles So Expensive

10:25 01.07.2019

The reason is not just the price of lithium-ion batteries

Етикети: Price | electric cars | electric drive | e-car

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