3D printing beyond science fiction

07:00 05.07.2020

Quite a few industries are already enjoying the benefits of the revolutionary technology, but its boom is yet to come


Long-range safety goggles

07:02 11.07.2020

The Rapid Prototyping Laboratory in Sofia Tech Park and Arexim Engineering teach us a good lesson in how taking a risk can pay off

Етикети: Sofia Tech Park | Prototyping Laboratory | Arexim Engineering | Safety goggles

Did technologies save us

07:00 27.06.2020

It is the first pandemic in human history, in which isolation was secured by the available digital solutions for business, education and entertainment

Етикети: technology | coronavirus | Isolation

A Factory for New Drug Molecules

07:00 22.06.2020

Micar 21 has discovered a cure for COVID-19 and this specialized part of the company will soon not be Bulgarian

Етикети: Dimitar Dimitrov | Biotechnology | COVID-19 | Philip Fratev | Micar 21 | drug molecules

Education for export

07:00 15.06.2020

Three Bulgarian educational platforms have already stepped on the international market

Етикети: SoftUni | education | MindHub | Vedamo

Pandemic of Surveillance

07:00 08.06.2020

Governments can dramatically increase the surveillance of their citizens because of the contamination, Edward Snowden worries. And he's not the only one

Етикети: Regulations | Pandemic | Surveillance | Technlogy

The Line That Leads Forward

08:00 25.05.2020

The artist Tatyana Harizanova is trying to get to the gentle tranquillity of art, brought to synthesis

Етикети: art | Gallery | Tatyana Harizanova

Train to Be Successful

07:00 11.05.2020

The Body Drive system improves the health status and life prospects

Етикети: Health | Andrey Makritsa | Body Drive system

The Price of Rapid Diagnostics

07:00 04.05.2020

A development of scientists from the Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences will facilitate the treatment of many diseases

Етикети: Science | Bulgarian Academy of Sciences | Prof Nikola Malinovski | Assoc Prof Georgi Dyankov | Optical Materials and Technologies

Triple Dose of Imagination

07:00 27.04.2020

It is never too late for art: The perspective of three masters from the National Academy of Arts

Етикети: art | Teo Hvarchilkov | Alexander Vasilev | Кrassimir Ivanoff

Cybersecurity Is a Path You Have to Follow for a Long Time

07:35 20.04.2020

Security breaches happen mostly because of the lack of knowledge of those who are being attacked

Етикети: Sofia CyberSec 2020 | Sofia CyberSec | Vihren Slavchev | Mnemonika | Cybersecurity

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