Biomyc vs. Styrofoam

08:01 19.01.2019

Or how entrepreneurs and scientists can find ecological alternatives together


Cheers with Ailyak

07:01 14.01.2019

Zhoro Hristov created the first Bulgarian craft beer, which is exported to Great Britain

Етикети: entrepreneur | Beer | Zhoro Hristov | Ailyak

40 Is the New 20 in Business

07:01 07.01.2019

Entrepreneurs over 40 break the stereotypes of the startup community in Bulgaria and around the world

Етикети: business | Entrepreneruship | Over 40 | Elitza Stoilova | Dimitar Dimitrov | Hristo Aleksiev

Paysafe – the company that continues to grow in Bulgaria

07:00 02.01.2019

Sofia is Paysafe’s largest office with over 1000 professionals, involved in the rise of the global payment solutions provider

Етикети: Paysafe | Miroslav Bojilov

Angela Merkel’s New Momentum

08:01 25.12.2018

By Javier Solana

Етикети: eu | Havier Solana | Politics | Angela Merkel

Brexit and the Global Economy

13:07 18.12.2018

Mohamed A. El-Erian

Етикети: economy | Brexit | Project Syndicate | Mohamed A El-Erian

How Y Comibnator Changed the Business of Starting a Business

10:11 12.12.2018

The most successful startup accelerator is already an institution in the industry, and has given a start to a number of companies like Dropbox and Airbnb

Етикети: business | Y Combinator | startup accelerator | stratup

The Silicon Valley Invests in Push Scooters

07:02 10.12.2018

Risk financing for hundreds of millions and the emergence of the first billion worth project in the sector mark the fast-growing obsession with the catchy electric vehicles

Етикети: Uber | Lyft | business | startups | Scooters | Silicon Valley | Bird

Experience in Design Is Fashionable

07:02 26.11.2018

It is time for Bulgarians who have proven their professionalism abroad to start building their future in their home country, the designer Lyubomir Valchev appeals

Етикети: Lyubomir Valchev | Design

The Wildlife Wonders of San Cristóbal Island

07:01 19.11.2018

The Galapagos archipelago has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the most unique, scientifically important, and biologically outstanding areas on earth

Етикети: journey | Galapagos | San Cristbal Island | Wildlife | Nature

The Golden Rules of Business Etiquette

07:01 12.11.2018

And do they change in today’s digital world

Етикети: Ana Dinkova | Maria Kassimova-Moisset | Business Etiquette

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