The Future Ruler of the World

07:00 06.04.2020

Dr. Lubomir Todorov believes that the time when artificial intelligence will change the rules of competition is not far


30 Years Mr. and Mrs. Economy

07:00 30.03.2020

The awards created by Economy Magazine three decades ago have turned into a compass for entrepreneurship and business

Етикети: 30 Years Mr and Mrs Economy | Mr and Mrs Economy | Boryana Manolova | Kiril Domuschiev

The Year of Streaming

07:00 23.03.2020

Several new platforms will enter the field of Netflix, HBO Go and co. in the coming months, causing a real explosion of content, with the stakes being a rapidly growing market for billions

Етикети: Apple TV | Netflix | Disney | streaming | Streaming platforms | HBO Go | HBO Max | Quibi | Peacock

Saffron from Trudovets Village

07:00 16.03.2020

Fante Agro, or a small family business, following the formula: Growing our own raw material and turning it into cosmetics

Етикети: Vasil Chikov | Trudovetsq | Botevgrad | Saffron | Fante Agro

The Smart Change of Education

07:00 09.03.2020

The transformation should be done carefully because technologies could evolve so much that most people would not be able to cope with them

Етикети: education | Academician Kiril Boyanov | Knowledge

Mission: Zero Waste

12:30 28.02.2020

Bulgarian team suggests models for circular economy and has a technology for biodegradable containers

Етикети: ecology | zero waste | Blagichka Zero Waste restaurant | Denimir Dimitrov | Blazhka Dimitrova

The Gaming Industry Continues to Grow

07:00 19.02.2020

Bulgaria is in the top 10 of gaming technology producers, but the country does not take advantage of the great opportunities of the gambling tourism

Етикети: Gaming | Gaming Industry | Angel Iribozov

One Day in Pirot

07:00 10.02.2020

A close destination that tourists choose because of the combination of historical sites, natural beauty and delicious food

Етикети: tourism | Pirot | Destination

The Evolution of Registration Plates

07:00 03.02.2020

The beginning was set by the police department in Paris in 1983; today, virtual plates exist

Етикети: cars | Registration Plates

China’s Green Gold

07:00 27.01.2020

Jade is the amulet of immortality and wealth of the Chinese emperors

Етикети: China | Jade

A Small Business with Zeolite from the Rhodopes

07:00 20.01.2020

Slavi and Ivanka Slavov are developing innovative products with the help of Bulgarian scientists and experts

Етикети: business | Zeolite | Slavi Slavov | Ivanka Slavova | Farer

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