Business at an Ear Distance

07:01 20.05.2019

Which are the “white swallows” of Bulgarian podcasts


Business from Mothers for Mothers

10:40 13.05.2019

The online environment has provided new opportunities for development of entrepreneurship in this niche

Етикети: business | mothers | niche | Iva Dyankova | Krasimira Hadzhiivanova | Elisaveta Belobradova | Hristina Lisnik | Denitsa Gospodinova | Tsveti Daskalova

Cars - an Easy Target for Cyberattacks

08:04 06.05.2019

A physical theft of a car is no longer such a threat as is the hacking of personal data

Етикети: cars | Cyber Security | Cyberattacks

The Talking Hand

11:40 29.04.2019

The BrainHUB Lab team has taken upon the task to develop a system that transforms sign language into acoustic speech

Етикети: Oleg Kamenscic | Dimitar Peev | Talking Hand | BrainHUB Lab

Knowledge in the Age of Industry 4.0

07:00 22.04.2019

The Sofia Tech Park Laboratory is a meeting place for science and business

Етикети: technology | business | Science | Sofia Tech Park

The Noise that Sells

07:00 08.04.2019

The industry of perceptions found its place between the producers and the users and it is becoming more and more powerful

Етикети: marketing | Communications

Unusual, but Bulgarian

07:00 01.04.2019

How is the business with “exotic” products, such as kiwi, shiitake mushrooms and microalgae, developing in our country

Етикети: Bio | exotic pruducts | Kunka Petkova | BioWay Stoyan Asenov | Kostadinka Georgieva | Kiwibg | Ivaylo Stoev | Algee Bulgaria

Richmond -Tasmania’s Time Capsule

07:00 25.03.2019

The town has almost entirely preserved its colonial look and feel

Етикети: tourism | journey | Richmond | Tasmania | Australia

The Thin Thread that Redefined Trade

07:01 18.03.2019

The New Silk Road will provide Chine with economic hegemony

Етикети: China | Trade | Silk | Silk Road | One Belt One Road

Bees - Barometer of Ecological Imbalance

07:01 11.03.2019

Care for the development of bee-keeping will be a small curtsey to preserving harmony in nature

Етикети: agriculture | Nature | Bees | Agroecology

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