Kosta Cholakov: The Client is a Conductor of Changes

To learn from our own mistakes - this is the lesson learned the hardest way

Kosta Cholakov: The Client is a Conductor of Changes
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Kosta Cholakov has been Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Director of DZI since 2013. He has received Bachelor’s Degree in 1996 from the Law Department of the Faculty of Economics and Legal Sciences at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and in 1997 - Master's Degree in Law from Queen Mary & Westfield College of the London University. He has started his career in insurance in Interamerican - Greece, in 1999 he has become Claim Handling Manager in Interamerican Bulgaria, and since 2001 until 2013 - Executive Director of Interamerican Bulgaria - Insurance Company and Interamerican Bulgaria - Life Insurance. He is a member of the Management Board of the Association of Bulgarian Insurers.

Insurance is one of the noblest activities because it helps people in difficult moments.

Today, technology is also changing our sector and is making it more accessible to everyone.

Digital transformation is important for our future and our success.

The "conductor" of the changes is the client.

But the pace of change in insurance depends on the market and the regulatory environment.

In the future, the thing that will give a head start to a certain business will be customer satisfaction.

The uncertainty in the future is in the development of the climate changes.

In this dynamic world, the business leader is a person who can adapt.

My personal experience has shown me that success is in persistence and hard work.

My golden rule: Believe in good and in yourself.

When I encounter difficulties and obstacles, I do not give up and work even more intensely to overcome them.

Some of the qualities that distinguish a leader from a follower: a good leader praises when they see something good and help when they see a mistake (according to Nelson Mandela).

The sector in which I work would develop better if confidence in consumers increases.

Insurance reflects society like a mirror.

The lesson learned the hardest way is every time I learn from my own mistakes.

To all who are now starting to build a career, I would say: Be brave!

I choose Bulgaria because it is a very beautiful place and the people are still authentic.

If it were up to me, I would stop the polluting of the planet.

Life will become more and more interesting.

My day starts with sports.

To maintain a strong internal charge, I meet positive people.

I recommend a healthy lifestyle. 

Company Profile

DZI is a company with more than 70 years of history in the financial sector in Bulgaria, which managed to become a synonymous of the word „insurance“ in our country. DZI develops and offers full range of products in the domains of general and life insurance, as well as products related to the coverage of health risks. In 2007 DZI became part of the Belgian banking and insurance group KBC. The company’s experts continue to develop innovative solutions in the product portfolio and in the service to customers and intermediaries.

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